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Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure comes to Capitol Hill

I knew that the Susan G. Komen walk was coming to Seattle, but I didn’t know till this morning that the last day of the walk is today and that the end of the route comes right through Capitol Hill.  The first walkers came down Broadway around 11:30 AM, then through Cal Anderson Park and Seattle University on their way downtown.

Picture: @asa

Breast cancer walk today, this car has the spirit. on Twitpic


Picture: @Moonrock

at cal anderson cheering station! #the3day on Twitpic


After being happy resident of Seattle for six years, Comrade Bunny started blogging about it. That is so Capitol Hill. For more geek/green/Seattle, see Life on the Hill and Other Stories

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5 thoughts on “Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure comes to Capitol Hill

  1. Oh, so *that’s* why people are driving up and down my street, honking repeatedly until I’m ready to scream. Ya know folk, peope *live* on this street. And some of them had long days of work yesterday and had hoped to sleep in.


  2. It was exciting for me to see these hundreds of people walking to raise money and awareness fighting breast cancer… … many had walked 60 miles. I was walking to a meeting and walked ten blocks with them going downtown on Pike – the cheer became,”it is all down hill now” – one of my best moments for the weekend.

    Shame there was not some very unique “you are so special” C. Hill welcome projects …. where is the Chamber? The BIA?

    Next time, just a banner or two, some cheering in costume, some special drink, A STICKER,, A WELCOME richly deserved. (JUST TWO BLOCKS DEDICATED TO A WELCOME AND APPRECIATION WOULD DO)

    As to the grouching about the walk during the day hours, sera, sera.

    (And there were a fair number of support vehicles, and, yes there was honking and cheering, helping to energize the day, all OK)

  3. Mary Kay,

    I sincerely hope you never have breast cancer. Susan G Komen serves so many women (and men) in need while they fight breast cancer. Each of those walkers raised $2,300 and walked 60 miles over the course of 3 days in the fight against breast cancer. I guarantee you it was not easy.

    I consider your inconvenience pretty minor compared to the struggle of those who fight, and sometimes lose, their battle. Compared to chemo, radiation and surgery – your loss of a few hours sleep is pretty inconsequential to me.

    Thank you to all those who walked and who donated – you are my heroes.

    Joan – Seattle Walker 2005 – 2008, Denver Walker 2009
    As ever, walking in loving memory of Tana, daughter, wife and mother of two toddlers, 1968 – 2005

  4. I was part of the 3 day walk this weekend. My late wife fought a 5 year battle against breast cancer and passed at age 39. I limped most of the 60 miles and each step was extremely painful but I’ve sat for countless hours in hospital over a 5 year period watching my late wife and many other courageous women fight for their very lives against this terrible disease and I agree with the previous writer that comparatively my pain, even the collective pain of all 2,300 walkers added together, was nothing when viewed against the loss of so many lives that this illness robs from us.
    The climb up Capitol Hill was excruciating, the descent was even harder but there were many kind people from the neighborhood lining the route, cheering us on, offering cooling sprays of water, candy, cold water, and other refreshment. Many thanks to all of you. I hope you know how much your support lightens each step and carries us along our way.
    Yes, having 2,300 people walking through your beautiful neighborhood is disruptive and inconvenient and the incessant honking and yelling more than a bit annoying. Whilst I can’t speak for the entire group, I do offer my personal apology for that — and a big “thank you” for putting up with it.

    The Seattle 3 Day raised over $5 million this year!

  5. I am a CH resident and I walked, for the second year in a row, in this year’s 3 Day (and raised $3000 and walked over 500 miles in training). When we were in CH we were over 50 miles into the 60 mile walk; We *needed* those honks and cheers to put one foot in front of the other. So thank you to all of the people of Capitol Hill out cheering us on this past Sunday – you really have no idea how awesome you were and how much you helped us to complete our event (and I was happy to see my own community supporting this event). The walk was a huge success; we raised $5.5 million that will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund.