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McGinn election night party to be held on Capitol Hill

He won our endorsement. On election night, he’ll be partying in our ‘hood. Mike McGinn’s campaign is holding its election night party at the War Room with chow from Skillet Food, no cover and, sweet for the ‘hood bloggers in the crowd, all the wi-fi you can eat. You might recall McGinn held his primary election night party at Havana. Whether this Tuesday ends as happily for the candidate will be up to you.

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5 thoughts on “McGinn election night party to be held on Capitol Hill

  1. Don’t forget that King County is now all vote by mail. This means they will release results a little after 8 PM, then nothing more until Wednesday around 4:30 PM.

  2. Always wondered about a place called the War Room – and the reason for such a name.

    Free food it seems, but, usually they run out early. He is not going to win, the mood will be bad … great place for hugs and tears.