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9 videos from Capitol Hill Candidates Forum

Mallahan – “Density is an environmental and social justice imperative”

McGinn – “one of the reasons Capitol Hill is so desireable”

Mallahan – “we just don’t have enough units of housing”

McGinn – “places that have lots of parking tend to be dead-er places”

Mallahan – On Streetcars

McGinn – “Neighborhood planning is not just about buildings”

Mallahan – “The Ave is a scary place”

McGinn – “We can allow things to be a little bit more organically developing”

Mallahan responds to a critic of the tunnel

a couple of disclaimers 1) this isn’t meant to be a summary of the whole forum (I’ll leave that to the experts ), these are just the clips I found most interesting and/ or relevent to Capitol Hill. 2) I intentionally avoided most of the tunnel discussion because I think that’s been covered enough.  3) I had to leave early, so I missed some of McGinns Q&A with the audience.

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12 years ago

Cheesecake — on behalf of the Capitol Hill Community Council, thank you for making this available to the general public. I’m hoping that those who were unable to attend can view the snippets and take away something meaningful.

Phil Mocek
Phil Mocek
12 years ago

Did you get Joe “gotta run this city like a business” Mallahan saying, “I know about *this much*” (finger and thumb spread 1/2″ apart) “about what the Office of Economic Development does”?

I also enjoyed Saunatina calling out Mr. Mallahan for referring to citizens/constituents as customers. In our role as citizens, we do not do business with the city. Everything is not a Wal-Mart’s.

12 years ago

I live in East Capitol Hill and I attended the forum. I thought a couple of audience members were boorish and have no concept of being mindful of other people’s time. Also I don’t agree with the young women’s assessment and false indignity at being referred to as a customer, when the whole forum was basically about vying for resources and basically that Capitol Hill deserves more resources than anyone else. Do you really think it’s fair to demand money from the city for a “community center.” This sense of entitlement is disgusting. I live in Capitol Hill and I also cycle or ride the bus, but cars being “old technology.” Yeah, if you live in a metropole, I guess. Mallahan being realistic and calling out the exclusion of gentrification doesn’t make him a bloodless plutocrat. You can’t just live in your insulated artsy faux multicultural bubble and f–k the rest of the world.