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What can you make? asks Metrix Create: Space

Part coffeeshop, part techshop, part hackerspace, Metrix Create:Space opens October 15th on north Broadway. It is no doubt destined to be a hangout for the Make: Magazine crowd and hardware hack creative types. Under wraps and buildout for months, Matt Westervelt and crew are hard at work preparing to open the DIY center / coffee shop.

Metrix Create: Space will serve coffee, but it is clear this is no ordinary coffee shop with only the requisite high speed internet. Their  passion is in enabling  creative DIY with equipment and supplies not typically stocked by the casual hobbyist .  Coffee is secondary: getting together and making things is the focus.

In the make/hack space Metrix will offer the use of a MakerBot – a robot which makes things! – custom laser cutting and etching, sewing machines, and craft supplies. Soldering irons? Check. Jumper wire? Check. Power supplies? Check. Workspace? Check.

Metrix Create:Space also has a vending machine stocked with both snacks and electronic supplies. It currently holds arduinos, breadboards, jumper wire, solder, flux pens, various adapters and power supplies, Sun Chips, Clif Bars and M&Ms. Stock varys on whim. (I can’t imagine what an arduino looks like or what it’s purpose is but we know it fits into a vending machine spiral, so it probably isn’t a grow-your-own-alien kit.)

I am particularly interested in seeing the MakerBot at work. MakerBot is an open source 3D “printer” which creates objects using a layers of liquid plastic. MakerBot is the brainchild of Bre Pettis, a former Seattlite and god to the DIY community. How do you use a MakerBot? You provide a 3D design file (Google SketchUp is a free software application), and Metrix Create:Space will run the MakerBot to “print” the object using layers of plastic.

Metrix Create: Space
623A Broadway E (below the Deluxe Bar and Grill, next to the Museum of Mysteries)
Hours: 12 noon – 12 midnight, 7 days a week
Opens to the public October 15th

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One thought on “What can you make? asks Metrix Create: Space

  1. Opening night is going well! About 20-25 people here at the moment. Come and check it out! Drink some coffee, hack on something!