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Election Day 2009 Capitol Hill – UPDATES AND RESULTS

First batch of results are in from the King County Election site with 23.55% reported.

I-1033: Failing 56% to 44% statewide, 34% to 66% in King County

R-71: Winning 52% to 48% statewide, approved 66% to 34% in King County 

King County Executive: Constantine is winning 57% to 43%

Mayor: McGinn ahead of Mallahan 50% to 49%

City Attorney: Pete Homes ahead of Tom Carr 62% to 38%

City Council Position 2: Conlin over Ginsburg 75% to 24%

City Council Position 4: Bagshaw winning vs. Bloom 69% to 32%

City Council Position 6: Licata beating Isreal 58% to 42%

City Council Position 8: O’Brien ahead of Rosencrantz 58% to 42%

Housing Levy: Winning 63% to 37%

School District Position 5: Kay Smith-Blum over Mary Bass 64% to 25%

School District Position 7: Patu beating Chin 68% to 31%

Port of Seattle Position 3: Holland over Doud by 55% to 45%

Port of Seattle Position 4: Albro over Vekich by 57% to 43%

And the statewide totals for 1033 and R-71. Check for latest totals.

Heading out soon to check out the election night party circuit on the Hill. Stay tuned to this post for pictures and, if it’s worthwhile, video from the night.

At 8:15 the first totals from mail ballots will be posted on this King County Election site.

Here is the schedule for results from King County Elections:
Tuesday, Nov. 3 8:15 p.m.
Mail ballots counted on election day results posted to the Web.
Wednesday, Nov. 4 4:30 p.m.
Results posted including accessible voting centers.
Thursday, Nov. 5 4:30 p.m.
Results posted
Friday, Nov. 6 4:30 p.m.
Results posted. Unofficial abstract of results as of election night, broken down by legislative district posted to the Web.

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Original Post:
Election Day has lost a lot of its excitement with the switch to all-mail voting but we hope to bring back a little old-fashioned drama with our coverage of the day’s proceedings. We’ll be out and about in the streets of Capitol Hill so shout if you see something interesting — or @jseattle if you are a Twitter type.

We’ll also be part of the scene at the election night parties on Capitol Hill. Here is a list and map of the political fun. See you out there.

As of early Tuesday morning, the county had received ballots from about a quarter of Capitol Hill area registered voters. Here’s the tally for the two county districts that include parts of Capitol Hill:

  • District 2: 23.5%
  • District 4: 25.1%

Full King County totals can be found here.

To add to those decimal points, your mail-in ballot needs to be postmarked Tuesday the 3rd or you can drop it off at either of these drop box locations closest to Capitol Hill:

  • Seattle, King County Administration Building, 500 Fourth Ave.
  • Central neighborhood center, 2301 S Jackson
  • Voters with disabilities: Union Station 401 S. Jackson St: 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

The drop boxes can be accessed up until 8 PM on Election Day.

Once you’ve sent in your ballot, check King County’s ballot tracker to make sure it has been properly received.

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3 thoughts on “Election Day 2009 Capitol Hill – UPDATES AND RESULTS

  1. The approve Victory is a massive feat. In a short campaign space, we won!!! I could not sleep on Sunday in anticipation. All the work now behind and just the good feeling/buzz of a big win is left.

    And it seems the next batches of votes will increase the lead.

    Thanks to YOU ALL – and a well run Approve campaign which finally came to life a month ago.

    The total support of this site in also greatly appreciated.

    Victory is so, so sweet, especially when taken at the expense of right wing nut case bigots. Wow. Going to float thru the day!!!


  2. I know the ballot counting is ongoing, but the interim Ref 71 findings are such huge sign of relief. It feels very very good to live in a neighborhood in a city in a county and in a state that supports the partnership rights of all people.