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New pun(c)uation art gallery opens on Pike

CHS joked the other night about a Tweet we saw that was too artsy for us to fully comprehend. Turns out, the Tweeter is the owner of represents a new art gallery that is opening on the Hill tonight:

I wanted to follow-up to this tweet you posted recently and tell you a little more about “The Shogunate Revisited”, opening tonight at pun(c)tuation on Pike Street. (The storefront that has been covered in newspapers for a few months and used to be Laced Up, next to the HoneyHole.)

 “The Shogunate Revisited”, a show featuring new work from Seattle-based artists Mike Wagner and I AM, will be kicking-off with an opening reception from 6-10pm. You can read our press release below and there are pictures and flyers available on our Flickr page. (I can send you any of those as an attachment if you have problems opening or need a higher rez image.)

 This show is actually the first of three we have planned between now and January, including a tribute to Miles Davis coming soon, so I will be sure to pass that information along to you to share with the readers of CHS. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you can join us tonight!

Kizha Davidson @kydinseattle

Here’s more from the Slog on the event and a slideshow from pun(c)tuation’s flickr stream. Also, don’t forget about this weekend’s Expo 87 ‘micro-fest.’

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2 thoughts on “New pun(c)uation art gallery opens on Pike

  1. thanks for sharing – i do want to clarify that i am not the owner of pun(c)tuation, just a mouthpiece for the group of talented people that have put their money, time, blood, sweat and tears into creating something truly unique. there’s a lot more coming, so stay tuned!

    anyone that can’t make it to the event tonight is welcome to stop by in the following weeks and check it out, open from around 12 – 8pm. thanks for the warm welcome to the hill!

    705A E. Pike Street, Seattle WA 98122