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No more Blooms on Broadway

Creators of some of the nice little moments while walking on that not-always-nice street, Blooms on Broadway is closing shop. Neighbor Yancy with the sign that says it all :

Downsizing can happen at local flower shops, too, apparently. Sorry to see Blooms leave Broadway.

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5 thoughts on “No more Blooms on Broadway

  1. Stuck inside writing something else right now or I’d get a better picture on this gorgeous day. Can somebody else hook us up? A shame to say goodbye to Blooms with an ugly sign picture.

  2. You can blame Blooms on Broadway’s leaving Broadway on our present mayor and also on the greedy landlords on Broadway and the Broadway Market. The Broadway Market has gone into the toilet since QFC moved in. The Broadway Market QFC is the most inconvenient supermarket ever. Who takes an elevator to go grocery shopping? I’ve been in Seattle going on 16 years. There’s not a single tenant in the Broadway Market except the shoe repair place and Broadway Video that are still slugging it out in the Broadway Market. Broadway Market management doesn’t much give a crap about the place either.

  3. I normally regret it when a small business closes in my neighborhood, but in this case I will not miss Blooms….the flowers there were way over-priced. Fresher and less expensive blooms are available inside at the QFC. But, in my opinion, the very best place to buy flowers is at Bert’s Red Market in Madison Park…surprisingly for such a wealthy neighborhood, the prices are quite low and the quality is excellent.

    Hopefully, some great little local business will go in there…but, please, not another coffee shop!

  4. Will severely miss this place. Since late 90’s; Stopping by nearly every wednesday for a cheap arrangement (6 bucks or less, thankyouverymuch, calhoun) for my love -an arrangment that I get to specifically choose and dictate, including my honey’s favorite wrap: brown paper.

    BUm-mer. Nice little places to pick up nice little things = so much harder to find now*.

    @joesph Singer: urban outfitters? Gold’s? HotTopic? Bhima? BECU? The Gyro place? The massage joint? Do these not count as single tenants?

    *(Missing the Gravity Bar, too, for that matter . . . )

  5. Indeed… better selection than in the QFC, and a indie local biz. Now I’ve no where similar to turn for the weekly vase-filling (and please don’t tell me about Madison Park, I’m not introducing cars or buses to my weekend for buying flowers).