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Shooting at Union and Boylston

Capitol Hill Seattle has been alerted to an apparent shooting near the intersection of Union and Boylston. At 5:55 PM, emergency units were dispatched to 702 E Union St. for an assault with weapons response.

We received the following e-mail from an eyewitness:

Shooting on Union between Boylston and Harvard. One guy shot, was conscious and speaking when police arrived.

More as we get it.

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10 thoughts on “Shooting at Union and Boylston

  1. I was watching TV around 5pm ish and was wondering why I kept hearing a helicopter flying above.
    Out of curiosity I went to this website and this was the first story to pop up. I think I just put two and two together. It’s really scary. I used to ride my bike through that area about 5 nights a week on the way home from work when I lived on Boren. Now I’m on Belmont so I take a slightly different route. Still scary tho. I hope the victim heals up well and is ok. I’m glad we have some good citizens out there in cap hill willing to help a stranger in the time of need.

  2. I own the SUV hit in the parking lot. It appears only 3 shots were fired. One hit victim. One hit my passenger door and lodged inside, which was retrieved by police. Other ricocheted off pavement and hit my passenger rear window.

  3. I would be surprised if the .22 bullet went through the door of an SUV–for the shot that was lodged in the door, did it do anything more than dent the metal?

  4. wow…that was close…did you want a hug? christ man, how about the guy who was shot for his watch…who cares about you and what u think would happen if u left work early…maybe if i left work early last week sometime i would have been in an accident, or a drive by…..douche…