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Auto Battery is coming (from the Po Dog folks)

There are two types of businesses that we hear CHS readers commonly ask about: bakeries and sports bars.  While we do not know of options other than North Hill Bakery and Essential Bakery (more Madison Valley), we can report that a new sports bar will be coming to the Hill in 2010.  Laura Olson of (CHS Sponsor) Po Dog told us to be on the lookout for Auto Battery.   Laura describes Auto Battery as the following:

Auto Battery is a hybrid News coffee shop and Sports bar (complete with shuffle board tables) It will be open 6am-2am. Feature free wi-fi and 14 televisions.”

For current sports fans, I have occasionally spied sports on the Chao Bistro televisions and of course at the Elite.  We do have a number of venues (like the Hopvine and the Canterbury) that will occasionally have sports on (but do not define themselves as sports bars).  As for shuffleboard on the Hill, sadly – shuffleboard at Clever Dunnes ceased earlier this year when the table broke.  In other words, Auto Battery will definitely fill a niche.  Let us know if we’re overlooking any shuffleboard venues and/or sports bars on the Hill.  Meanwhile, a few blocks away on Pike, the Unicorn prepares for its multi-colored stripey debut in the old home of the Satellite Lounge. Its Web site says the bar opens in seven days but as with previous bar and restaurant openings on the Hill, don’t be surprised if Unicorn misses its target.

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17 thoughts on “Auto Battery is coming (from the Po Dog folks)

  1. Bella Dolce is another, great little bakery–it’s a couple doors up from Essential Bakery, on Madison (just SW from MLK).

    If we could ever get our escalator / funicular between Madison Valley and Captiol Hill, not only could y’all get down here easily, but get home too!

  2. Right, what the hill needs is another bar. I was disappointed to learn that this wasn’t a blog post about a car-repair/battery shop. Of course, none of these “neighborhood blogs” would dare write about something residents actually *use* — unless there’s a bike or a pint involved.

    Also: If you want a sports bar, go to Madison Pub. If your game isn’t on, tell Roland to put it on. Tell him nicely, though.

  3. And actually, if you really wants the sports, walk the extra four blocks to Fox Sports, that other basement beer+sports place in that area downtown or Spitfire Grill, which always has 319 games on their 319 TVs.

  4. And come to think of it, Bill’s Off Broadway just added another half-dozen TVs, most of which always have ESPN or something on. You reek of pizza there, but it works.

    R Place used to be a great place to watch the game, too.

  5. Just chiming in on an amazing bakery, Sugar Bakery & Cafe. If you’re mentioning Essential Bakery which is in Madison Valley, you’ve got to mention Sugar which is closer on First Hill. Please try it and you’ll see it’s some of the best baked goods in Seattle! So good!

    Oh and as a non-sportsy guy, I’m excited for this Auto Battery. You can’t have too many bars with shuffle board!

  6. First…. I so LOVE that you replied so many times to your own post.
    Second… How are those tits by the way?

  7. Another good one on the Hill is the Redwood I dont think its a sports bar but they have one big ass screen that during the day and during important playoffs they will play. They are really good about turning on something if I ask it for too. I watched all the presidential debates and did my fantasy draft pick there! Good food and fast wifi also…. still Im really excited about checking out this new place too.

  8. but depending on whether the owners is there or not – they volume will be turned up or not – went to a football payoff game there once and he would not turn the volume up on the big screen !?!?