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Capitol Hill power core: Voting map shows how we made McGinn mayor

King County Elections has released precinct-level results for the November election and the dataset for the mayor’s race shows just how much Mike McGinn needed Capitol Hill for his 7,190 vote victory.

Nowhere else in the city did such a large population throw its support so solidly behind McGinn.

Here’s the color guide for the maps showing where Mcginn’s support was strongest — and weakest — across the city and on Capitol Hill.

Only the students of UW and pockets in Ballard and south Seattle rivaled Capitol Hill in their approval of McGinn as the city’s next mayor.

The Hill was not entirely McGinn’s. Precincts in the north of Capitol Hill around Volunteer Park fell to Mallahan. But the south held firm and went big for McGinn. The Mayor-elect took at least 60% of the vote in every precinct south of Aloha. Nowhere on Capitol Hill will you find the dark blue strongholds Mallahan scratched out in tony communities like Broadmoor, Seward Park and Magnolia.

For comparison, here are the results from the precinct mapping we pulled together following Barack Obama’s 2008 victory. If you were worried that your friends in north Capitol Hill were closet conservatives, even the precincts where Obama support was weakest clocked in at 80% support for the Democrat.

Final note of appreciation here to John Wyble at WinPower and Publicola for pointing us to the map file used to create this report. We normally have to crunch this stuff ourselves so it’s nice to have help. You can get a copy of the Google Earth file used to make the McGinn victory map here.

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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill power core: Voting map shows how we made McGinn mayor

  1. Agreed. Mallahan used all of his resources to help the Approve R-71 campaign, while McGinn paid lip service to the cause. Both spoke at the GSBA candidate forum and Mallahan came across much better than McGinn. To infer that Mallahan is/was a closet conservative is disingenuous.

  2. Where is the actual data pulled from? For example if I want to see how many people in a precinct voted and how where would I find that? I already opened up the google search map but I don’t see where it pulled the data from?

  3. In an election that sparked little voter excitement – well – it seems to me Mc Ginn has some big time political problems on his hands. He cannot continue the hippy-dippy “we need to gather around to talk” stuff for very long….

    All the reports of the so called town meeting are nominal – same stuff – boring – no real conversation – just PR, phony common touch pomp and show….. at one, Mc Ginn was on the stage talking for 8 minutes out of two hours. Hmmmmmm.

    So, WHEN does the real Mr May Mc Ginn get on the stage and tell how he will lead the city in a problem laden 2010??? When and what???

    The burden is his, and so far, so far, not even the least impressed.

    AND, dear fashion GOD, get a half dozen really high quality well fitted business suits to wear as the mayor. You look like hell mostly, Mr. Mc Ginn. Relaxed Seattle style is one thing, but, you have taken frump and wrinkly to a new level. Heavy guys (burly,bearish) need good tailoring as well, cause nothing fits well.

    Will the frog become a prince? Stay tuned.

  4. I’m a registered democrat. All I can say is I hope he finds someone to put in his cabinet who can remember what the primary role of government is and who can balance a checkbook. Right now, we’re in triage mode unless anyone hasn’t noticed. Mike?