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Former Smith Chef Eliot Guthrie on his departure

As we reported earlier this week, Smith’s chef Eliot Guthrie and manager Keara Matthiesen are no longer at Smith.  Chris Howell of Lola (Tom Douglas’s spin on Greek food) will be taking over as the chef.  Here is what Eliot had to say about his departure:

The decision to leave Smith wasn’t an easy one. But I think I just knew that my job was done. We’ve all put a lot of hard work into Smith, and I firmly believe that Smith has become something special and interesting, and I can’t wait to be a patron. 

Their isn’t any one or two reasons why I made up my mind to move on. Somethings are better not too deeply reflected upon, and that’s about where I’m leaving this with myself. I sincerly hope that Smith continues to go in a possitive direction, and a believe that Chris Howell, who is stepping in will do a great job. 

I can’t stress enough the fact that I

thankful and still excited about what we made Smith, and the opportunity this was. 

In regards to my next plans, they are kind of up in the air. Going to “take some time off” get my garden ready for our Seattle “winter.” get my head in the books, help some friends around town and hopefully not cook a hamburger or French fries for at least a few months…

Compare to what Derschang explained to Seattle Metropolitan regarding his separation from employment:

“Eliot and Keara are both barely 24 years old” wrote Derschang. “I knew when I hired them that they would perhaps stay a year or two at most, as typically no one at that age stays in a job for years. Eliot is hoping to do some traveling and Keara is considering going into retail as she has a huge knowledge and love of fashion.”

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5 thoughts on “Former Smith Chef Eliot Guthrie on his departure

  1. Done – I deleted the one without your review. Thanks for submitting and letting us know about the duplicate listing.

  2. Other word is that Guthrie and Matthiesen were also put into double duty at Oddfellows which is growing to be such a trainwreck, and with its already infamous high employee turnover (Ericka Burke and like twenty others) it reached up to sever off and burn out more employees from the Derschang empire’s other venues.