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Seattle Times: EveryDay Music to accompany Elliott Bay to 10th Ave, cafe coming too

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Another fascinating aspect of Elliott Bay Book Co.’s move to Capitol Hill is the cascade of changes for the area it will bring with it. The Seattle Times has nailed down some of the details of business changes EBBC’s move is kicking off:

  • EveryDayMusic is also making the move to 10th Ave from its current home by the Hendrix statue on Broadway where it has been located since June, 2008.
  • A cafe described as “big” is planned for the back of the new Elliott Bay space and will be run by Tamara Murphy who runs the cafe at the current Pioneer Square location.
  • Times also reports that the space EveryDay is vacating will be filled by art supply store Blick Art Materials, a chain with stores in 15 states. Blick will compete with Utrecht Art Supplies on Pike. Utrecht, by the way, is a 20-state chain if you are scoring at home (or even if you are alone).

The music shop’s current building on Broadway is owned by Capitol Hill developer Michael Malone who also owns the new location for Elliott Bay and EveryDay on 10th.

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7 thoughts on “Seattle Times: EveryDay Music to accompany Elliott Bay to 10th Ave, cafe coming too

  1. I’m confused as to where Everyday is moving…Oddfellows is full now and on the other side of Elliot Bay is Basic Plumbing/The Comet…where exactly are they moving to?

  2. Will see what I can find out. There’s a part of the building to the south between BP and the EBBC space that might be the answer. Will ask.

  3. Just to set the record straight, Blick Art Materials is a family-owned company that currently operates 30 retail stores in 15 cities across the U.S. The largest distributor of fine art materials in the country, Blick serves its customers through three channels of distribution: retail, catalog and the Web ( A long-standing advocate for the arts and art education, Blick will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010, and looks forward to joining the art community in Seattle.

  4. It doesn’t excuse the fact that EM was a perfect match with Jimi statue considering the huge music scene in Seattle. There was already a lease negotiation in progress for EM to remain in that space…Not to mention EM is local to the Northwest and Blick is not. Not to mention there is already an art store(Utrecht) within 5 blocks!! Whatever, it always seems like the national corporations(Blick is from Chicago right?) win over the local business with their deep pockets and money talks…

  5. I am glad Blick is finally in Seattle i have been ordering from them for the last 30 years and i was born in Seattle. EM is still around its not like they are gone.And Utrecht sucks, there shelves are empty and they never have anything in stock, and worse of all no one ever helps me when i go in. Welcome Blick