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A feast for dumpster divers at the old BMW dealership.

Apparently cleaning crews at the old BMW dealership on Pike st. are unaware that leaving two trailer sized recycle bins full of the dealership’s old junk has attracted scores of dumpster divers, loiterers and homeless people. The well-being of the apartment tenants next door and the trashy appearance doesn’t seem to be a major concern for them as they only spend an hour every other morning throwing out junk and then leave the bins free for scavengers to sift-through the rest of the day.

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3 thoughts on “A feast for dumpster divers at the old BMW dealership.

  1. Has there been a problem or any hint of a problem with the people going through the dumpsters at the BMW dealership, or is it just that the residents of the building don’t like to see the folks living lower on the economic ladder so close-up?

  2. this is also known as “recycling’ and is generally preferable… fyi – just because an item is temporarily “unwanted” and thus, “discarded” – doesn’t make it “garbage”. this is true of “people” as well…