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February art walk includes Green grand opening, naughty sugar cookie decorating

February’s ‘2nd Thursday’ Capitol Hill Blitz art walk features a grand opening, some festive Valentine’s Day exhibits, local cartoonists and, yum, sugar cookies. CHS is a happy sponsor of the monthly walk so we hope you head out to enjoy it. Here are some of this month’s highlights:

NuBe Green Grand Opening
NuBe Green, a hyperlocal, sustainable, artist-supportive retail store will celebrate it’s grand opening during this week’s art walk. Sample some treats from neighbors Molly Moon’s and Oddfellows, shop for sweet Valentine’s gifts and meet some participating artists. 10% of all purchases will go to the Blitz Art Walk fund.

BFF: Friends of the Nib
This collaborative group of local cartoonists get together weekly at Cafe Racer to collaborate on different works. As a group, they have produced and exhibited work for three years, with shows usually based around a theme.

They plan to “throw open the doors to their secret machinations and reveal to you some sketches, drawings, prints and more from their own portfolios, including a special preview of original artwork from the upcoming “Friends of the Nib playing card set!”

BFF: Friends of the Nib will be on display at Vermillion Gallery, 1508 11th Ave.

Valentine Cookie Decorating
Stop by Babeland for “naughty sugar cookies” to frost, decorate and eat! They’ll also be showing off Jenny GG’s boudoir photos, if you’re interested.

“Janice Maple”
Artist Janice Bobb uses maple leaves to express her vision.

See her work at Studio 229, at 229 Broadway Ave. E.

SpeckPrint Sale
Head over to SpeckPrint during Blitz and receive 10% off screenprinted posters by Stephen Peck. The print “Cupid: Angel of Death” will be featured.

After the galleries close, head over to The Bus Stop for some ‘Penetration,’ the Blitz art walk after after party. Kaleidoscope audio and visuals by Dumb Eyes. Prism glasses will be provided. The kaleidoscope freak out starts at 9pm and goes to 2am.

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10 thoughts on “February art walk includes Green grand opening, naughty sugar cookie decorating” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. The Edward Jones location on 15th is also participating this month, with canvas pieces by Heather Anne Jenkins and photos by James Rooney. It’s their first Arts Walk and they’re really excited!

  2. Is this about art or just more merchant lure stuff to get you to buy a cupcake or some such trivia.

    It is getting very bizarre. Would a budding Picasso or some such talent participate in this Chamber of Commerce gone crazy sort of thing?

    The dildo shop has cookies … who gives a shit.

  3. Always the food with you. Did you not see the art listings? It would be better if the person writing this hadn’t focused so much on the stores but what the fuck do you want?

  4. I think the Art Walk is a PR wreck. Just some serious art work in good spaces, other than reg. gallery OK, with free access, to see the art, buy, enjoy or dislike.

    Dump all the rest of the jr. high slop. I think something a bit grounded would get a good reputation and draw more people and more buyers, as in $$ for the artists rather than dildo sellers.

    Food per se has nothing to do with it. Neither do dildos and junk quality non food cupcakes. Art anyone??

    C. Hill as serious art space, how horrible would that be?

  5. Wow. You sound like an angry old man. If you don’t like it maybe you can take your sorry ass down to Renton for the night.

    The Art Walk is more about the community: getting local artists’ work shown, getting people to notice the art that is in a businesses that they may not of seen before. There may not be a “budding Picasso” but you know what, there very well may be and if you’re just bitching about it on the internet then you’re going to miss it.

    I’ve never gone into a business, retail, bar/restaurant, or other and felt any pressure to buy anything. If anything there’s less pressure because they see you’re there looking at the art and aren’t really there to shop.

    There have been some very talented artists of all mediums out around CH over the last several months, but I doubt you caught those because you were too busy sitting at home with your safeway-brand microwave dinner wondering how Matlock is going to figure this one out. Stop being such a negative piece of shit and contribute to the fucking community…or get the fuck out.

  6. NUBE Green was rockin tonite, but too bad there;s no pre- artwalk list out on the streets. old fashioned mailing lists are better than twitter.

  7. Some of these people think this is mind control space, no differing opinions allowed.

    I buy art. I enjoy art. I have a different vision of how to promote the display and support artists. Just keep it simple and direct for the artists.

    So …. and no plans to get the fuck out. You sound like the type that would have helped burn a witch or two at Salem.

    By the way, I have several friends who are noted painters, and their remarks are reflected in what I posted as well.

  8. There are maps out usually the week before the art walk in all the art walk venues. You can also visit the website for info too.

    For the guy complaining about things, if you have opinions on how stuff should be done perhaps you should help out and contribute instead of just complaining about things and being so negative. That doesn’t help anybody.

    And that’s nice that you have artist friends, I would imagine pretty much everybody on CH does too. :)

    But seriously, if you want to be a part of the solution, then email me: canary.bonds [at] gmail [dot] com. Or you can just continue to complain on blogs, cuz, you know, that’s how things get changed now days.

  9. JS

    The folks who are doing the Art Walk are very up on their concept.

    To what avail would opinions about simple direct art display have any weight?

    Note: the pic posted here to cover the Art Walk is sugar coating a dildo cookie. So it worked, huh …. $$$$ in an artist pocket, some nice long remembers moments of art immersion …. seems the hook is now the result.

    A possible on the Hill second event, simple, direct, four venues, just good art, every two months, maybe that is the solution. Options. Not insults for dissent.

    “…get the fuck out … go to Renton…” You can keep people of that caliber in YOUR support circle.


  10. There’s far too much art being made/shown on the hill to run a small-time thing every other month. I work with the Art Walk (so I take it a bit personal when you say we suck) and would be more than willing to hear any ideas that people think may improve it.

    To your comments about the cookie frosting at Babeland, it is a sex shop afterall, and their art was boudoir-style photography, so while it may not be for EVERYBODY, it was in-line with the store and the cookies were delicious! :) But it’s unfair to presume the entire event is “dildo cookies,” there are a lot of great venues and great artists that have worked really hard in the art walk. There’s over 50 venues, it’s not unfathomable to think you won’t like every single one.

    Honestly, I hope you will reconsider my offer, I would really like to hear what you think and what your ideas are to improve the art walk. As far as the “get the fuck out of here and go to renton…” guy while I don’t agree with how he reacted, I would much more prefer people that are passionate and speak out (with solutions to your complaints, no less) than people who just complain. I’m just saying.