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Mystery lounge taking shape in old War Room space

We’ve received quite a few tips lately regarding some work apparently underway at the corner of Harvard and Pike. Last we visited the War Room, the Capitol Hill nightclub was calling it quits with a bash including then Mayor-elect Mike McGinn and hip-hop bad boys Mad Rad. Costs related to a mandatory fire sprinkler system upgrade required to keep the venue in the live music business were blamed. We don’t know much about it but we do know the old War Room won’t be empty for long. According to a tip we received today, the former club and live music venue will re-open as a reduced capacity ‘lounge’ — which, we presume, won’t require the costly safety upgrades with the elimination of live shows.

We don’t have any information on who is behind the new lounge but from what we can tell from King County property records, it appears that the building is still owned by Four G’s Enterprises, Inc. Our tipper’s only bit of additional intel was related to the back wall of the room they peeked in to see — apparently a stacked stone wall. Were those stones there in War Room days?

Marcus Lalario, the War Room’s former owner, along with business partner Brian Rauschenbach have moved on to running Captain Black’s and micro-distillery Batch 206.

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One thought on “Mystery lounge taking shape in old War Room space

  1. A bartender at Still (who also works at one or more of Marcus & Brian’s other enterprises) claimed that they’re keeping the War Room but giving it a hunting lodge-style remodel. Apparently one of the owners has a taxidermy collection and doesn’t feel that there are enough animals on display on the hill. Grain of salt, etc.