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Blotter: Two Pine nightlife assaults, SPD report from alleged parking cop attack

Here’s the latest from the streets of the East Precinct:

  • Assault, 414 East Pine: We first heard about this incident in a post to our Crime Reports Forum. Now the SPD report is out and while it doesn’t refute some of the allegations made in the forum, the responding officers did not note any culpability for anybody at the scene beyond the two suspects who escaped in a cab. According to the report, early on the morning of Tuesday, February 23 around 1 AM, two people were trying to make their way through a crowd outside the Capitol Club on E. Pine when a man punched one in the back of the head, causing the victim to fall face-first onto the sidewalk. The man then kicked the victim multiple times in the back of the head and continued kicking and punching the fallen man as he rolled over and tried to protect his face from the onslaught. As that attack continued, the report says that a female attacked the other victim, punching the person in the face and causing minor injuries. The two suspects jumped into a waiting cab and fled the scene. According to the report, one victim suffered a broken nose in the attack.

    The report describes the attackers as a black male wearing a light colored shirt and a black female wearing a light colored shirt, black jeans, with a short jheri curl, and black glasses and notes that witnesses said both had distinctive Ethiopian accents. Witnesses also told police that the duo had been kicked out of the Capitol Club for picking fights and breaking glasses and that the woman was a club regular.

    Capitol Club owner Robin Cohen confirmed to CHS that there had been a fight inside her business Monday night/Tuesday morning but the victim in that tangle did not want to press charges.

  • Assault, 600 E Pine: Here’s another Pine bar item. We got a few notes about this but couldn’t provide much info until the SPD report came in. Around 9:45 PM on Saturday, King County Metro sheriff deputies took a man into custody downtown after he had left the scene of an assault on E. Pine. According to the SPD report, the man had been acting strangely and continually asking for glasses of water inside Kurrent at Pine and Belmont. When Kurrent’s bartender told the man he would need to leave, he spit water in the bartender’s face, started yelling and then left the bar. The bartender told police he followed the man down Pine with another witness who called 911. The suspect turned and hit the bartender in the chest and then continued down Pine where the bartender and the witness were able to flag down the deputies.
  • Assault: Madison at 16th AveSeattleCrime reports that the assault last week in front of Madison Market was gang related.
  • Assault: 1600 block Boylston: A man was arrested after police broke up a fight between two men who said they were looking for drugs hidden somewhere over a fence in the 1600 block of Boylston Ave on February 24 around 9:15 PM. According to the report, the man who was arrested told police he was trying to climb a fence to recover a package of heroin when he hurt his eye on the fence. The man said he was confused when his counterpart attempted to help him and thought he was being robbed so he elbowed the other man in the face. Police arrested the man for assault and reported finding no drugs at the scene.
  • Assault: 1500 block Harvard Ave: Here is the SPD report on last week’s incident involving a woman who was arrested after she allegedly tried to strike a parking enforcement officer with her car. The report notes that after the woman was arrested and read her rights, she said of the parking cop,  “That guy is an asshole!”
  • Assault, 900 block 12th Ave: A man told police he suffered a 1-inch gash on his forehead after another man punched him without provocation. According to a SPD report, the man said he was watching a group of men yelling and kicking doors in the 900 block of 12th Ave just after 11 PM on February 24 when one man struck him in the head causing the injury. Police found a man matching the suspect description at 13th Ave and Cherry and brought the victim to the location where he confirmed that the detained man was the person who had punched him. The man was arrested and transported to East Precinct where he told police he did not punch the man and was trying to break up the fight the man witnessed.
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