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Chasing the sun in Cal Anderson Park

Thanks to neighbor Kevin for sending in these pictures of a sunny Saturday in Cal Anderson Park. You can share with us at, by the way. We hope you had an opportunity to enjoy this weekend’s amazing weather because, yes, things are changing. You can get the word from an expert like UW super meteorologist Cliff Mass:

Day after day of warmer than normal temperatures, bulbs and trees blooming roughly a month early, and drier than normal conditions. El Nino winter was here and Seattle City Light and others worry about the low snowpack and lack of water for power generation. Summer had to be just around the corner.

Not so fast! Mother nature has other ideas…a big, wet chill is approaching and some of you, particularly those at higher elevations, may even see snow showers.

Or from this, um, “Capitol Hill” weather report posted by our friends at KOMO:

Thanks, TV news, for keeping us entertained. And thanks, Cliff Mass, for giving us an alternative.

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4 thoughts on “Chasing the sun in Cal Anderson Park

  1. Sorry, no picture, as it took me by surprise BUT I did see the infamous old ice-cream truck chugging down 21st Avenue past Meany school yesterday (Saturday).

    Saw it on our return from walking round Lake Union on the new Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop trail, which is an interesting urban jaunt around various little sights that you probably didn’t know were there:

    Before you ask, the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat looks like it’s at the end of a dock on the Westlake side, so you won’t see it without a bit of trespassing:

  2. haha – Holding a camera pointed at a TV screen, and throwing in ONE “and Capitol Hill”? Is that really the best they could pull off down at their multi-bajillion dollar telecom hub?

  3. This is truly disturbing collection of images you’ve put together:
    1) Stalkerish photos of kids on a playground
    2) Empty playground with kids now missing
    3) Mimes making their getaway