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CHS NCAA Round One Tally

Well, CHS, we made it through the first round, and I don’t know about you (well, I sort of do; you know what I mean), but my brackets took some hits…

All in good fun.  Here are the current standings (note:  the Times system awards bonus point for upsets, so huzzah to those of you with the guts to pick the underdogs!)  I’ve put the alias, followed by points, and then the number of bonus points you’ve been awarded:

1. saranut 160, 25
2. dkmaestro 151, 21
3. jaywalk5000 151, 26
4. kcrobinson06 149, 19
5. yancy9 141, 16
6. christinabollo 139, 14
7. svaldezz 138, 13
8. emilydominick 136, 11
9. willch22 131, 16
10. jenn9 130, 15
11. reginaaletto 129, 19
12. moltamatic 127, 7
13. scoville 121, 11
14. justin_carder1 110, 0
15. zendragon0 103, 8

Way to go with the upset picks saranut!  Cornell, Washington, Georgia Tech, and ODU!  

On a related note:  no bonus points, eh, jseattle? :)

Round two begins this morning.  Hey, we still haven’t tried to do a watch-party.  Any interest in some Sunday games?  I have to watch Kansas down at Sport (by the Space Needle) with the alumni group, but I suppose you all could also get together for today’s UW game (2:50 tipoff).  Thoughts on spots with TV’s?  Summit?  Redwood?

In any case, thanks for playing!  Good luck in round two!

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2 thoughts on “CHS NCAA Round One Tally

  1. okay, but let me just point out that a lot of the “upsets” weren’t really. i mean, if you look at the rpi, #6 marquette was ranked 51, and #11 uw was ranked 40. go figure. there were a lot like that. i don’t know how notre dame pulled off a 6-seed; weren’t they “on the bubble”? just sayin’.

    but yeah, what a great great great tournament. and to see uw win today. and northern iowa knock off kansas. and st. mary’s take out villanova. nice. tomorrow, the zags will beat syracuse. (a girl can dream.)

  2. hmm, I can’t agree about UNI, but it has been an exciting few days, for better or worse…

    one last time this season, I’ll end with a Rock Chalk despite it all :)

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk–KU!