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City requests your input on Google Ultra-High Speed Broadband

Seattle is going to place its hat in the ring to test an ultra-high speed broadband network and is asking for your help.

What Is This About? 

The City of Seattle will respond to a “Request for Information” from Google for a pilot program that Google is doing to build and test ultra-high speed broadband networks.  If we are successful, Google will select one or more neighborhoods in Seattle to participate in their pilot program.  

 Google’s plan is to launch an experiment that Google hopes will make Internet access better and faster for everyone.  Google’s networks “…will deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today over 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections.  [Google will] offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.”

 How Can You Help?

 On behalf of your neighborhood, organization, or business, you can fill out the section of Google’s Request for Information (RFI) that is geared toward residents and community groups.  Responses are due back to Google by March 26. 

 This section of the RFI allows neighborhoods, organizations, or businesses to make their pitch to Google for why Google should build a fiber-to-the-home network in a particular area of Seattle.    The questions in this section focus on (a) why Google should pick a particular neighborhood for their pilot; and (b) what’s the type, quality, and price of current internet services in that neighborhood.

 How Do I Fill Out the RFI?

Below are step-by-step instructions for filling out the residents and community groups section of the RFI:

 1.       Go to Google’s website

2.       Click on the “Get Involved” button.

3.       Login (if you already have an account). 

4.       If you do not have an account, click on “Create an Account Now.”  Follow the instructions for creating an account – this will include responding to an “email address verification” email that Google will email to the address you provide them.

5.       Go back to where you were in the Google website and click on “Nominate your Community.”  This will bring up the list of questions that you will respond to on line, and submit to Google when you are finished.


 If you have questions about how to fill out the RFI form, please contact Diane Clausen (phone number is 684-8151; email is

 If you have questions about the Google RFI project in general, please contact Tony Perez (phone number is 386-0070; email is

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8 thoughts on “City requests your input on Google Ultra-High Speed Broadband

  1. Yes, Microsoft is evil because they happen to be the reason that 40,000 people in the Puget Sound region great jobs. Go fuck yourself.

  2. No you’re just an idiot. Let go of the group think mentality. Do you have any REAL reason to think Microsoft or Google are “evil?” Have they done anything to you? Both have created many widely-used products and have revolutionized the way most people (yourself included, I would bet) live.

  3. You lost me at idiot but are you really that easy to provoke?

    BTW – this idiot is employed by the Evil Empire. So the joke is on you.

  4. Is there someone(s) working on a group application for Capitol Hill, First Hill, or thereabouts? I’d like to get in touch with people who think this is a good thing to do. I’d like to know a bit more about it and whether others think it will improve their lives in some way. Is fibre optic better than wireless in some way? What would the connection requirements be? Would this help us toward more independent or at least inter-dependent Internet access? Could we have a conversation about this please?