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Hill Style: Sailor Pants on 10th Ave

I came across Laura in front of the new Everyday Music location on her way to work at Stumptown Coffee.  She got these great pants at an Army Navy store.  

See more local street fashion photos at It’s My Darlin’.  

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4 thoughts on “Hill Style: Sailor Pants on 10th Ave

  1. She looks sharp.
    Great jacket too – black leather is always good.

    The bells in Navy lore are good, cause you can take them off quickly. Always worn tight in the hips, and butt/ass. Sailors like tailored garb – even the low ranking ones.

    Washed over and over, they fade really well.

  2. _

    It seems you have been unhappy a lot in your life. As a former sailor in the US Navy who works with three more former sailors in the US Navy — committee of four — informed experts — well we agree we love dungarees, pants and shirt.

    So there it is. It does help to have them tailored in the butt/ass. (also the tight crotch can be flattering)