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Inside the Cobra Lounge: Capitol Hill hookah smoking club ready to light up

The rumors are true — CHS has seen the converted paint store with its own lens and smelled the wafting shisha smoke with its own nose. The Cobra Lounge hookah smoking club opens for business on Capitol Hill Thursday night.

We met with co-owner Erin Cobb as he worked to put final touches on the space before Thursday night’s opening.

“It’s a safe place to come and smoke,” Cobb told CHS. “There are other places in Seattle where you can smoke but we’re the only ones who know how to do it legally.”

Cobra co-owner Erin Cobb

That doesn’t mean Cobra will be playing by the rules when it opens on Thursday, however. In its Bellingham location, the Cobra Lounge found an interesting loophole in state smoking laws that forbid lighting up in commercial establishments. Up north, Cobra customers buy their shisha in one area and move to a separate club location nearby to smoke it and hang out. That recipe has worked in Whatcom County for more than three years.

On Capitol Hill, Cobb says he has set up the new Cobra Lounge as one facility at 1122 E Madison — just like other underground operations he says are operating in the city. But he’s also ready to convert the space to a layout he believes will put the lounge in compliance with state requirements and keep him out of trouble with the county. “We can do it in 24 hours,” Cobb said of the conversion.

CHS asked King County Health what the agency thought of the Cobra’s split tobacco store and smoking club concept. A spokesperson told us they haven’t received any complaints about Seattle smoking clubs and would want to “investigate their operations” before determining if any laws were broken.

If you’re worried about CHS narc-ing Cobra Lounge out, relax. Cobb said he expects scrutiny. “We just ask that the law be applied equally,” he said.

Cobb said he plans to have the lounge ready for visitors starting at 7 PM Thursday but he’s still pulling together the music and entertainment for the night. He’s also got his fingers crossed that a big shipment of shisha the Cobra is expecting comes in during the day from the United Arab Emirates. If not, it could be a little quiet around the lounge — they don’t serve booze and they’re not yet geared up to serve food. Cobb said one thing he can guarantee beyond a good smoke is community. “We set up these big tables so people can come, hang out and talk,” Cobb said.

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8 thoughts on “Inside the Cobra Lounge: Capitol Hill hookah smoking club ready to light up

  1. Any word on pricing? I for one am quite excited for this. My friends and I used to always go smoke hookah when I lived in Austin and I’ve been to a few places around Seattle but none compared to the general environment. Hopefully it’ll be a more laidback kind of place. You said he was trying to line up entertainment…my fav place in Austin has a big screen TV that will show sporting events on mute (or crazy movies if there’s no sporting events) and then whatever (usually low-key rock or hip-hop) CD the proprietor feels like playing.

    I’m looking forward to trying this place out.

  2. Here’s the Cobra menu from Cobb:
    “Mr Rodgers”………………………….$25 (Pear & Valerian Root)
    “Bob Marley”……………………………$23 (Double Apple & Kava Kava)
    “Fidel Castro”………………………………$23 (Banana & Kava Kava)
    “Barry White”……………… ……………$21 (Mint, Rose and Damiana)
    “Double Mint Twins”……………………$19 (Mint & actual peppermint)
    “Razzle Dazzle”………………………….$19 (Raspberry & Wormwood)
    All refills half price (can have your refill be any flavor)
    Kava Is a muscle relaxant, feel free to look up the other herbs online for their effects if it is pertinent.
    In addition to this we obviously carry prepackaged drinks (Coca-Cola, Ice Tea, etc…)
    Menu changes every night

  3. Holy shit. Thats incredibly expensive, even by lounge standards. Looks like i’ll continue to stay home and smoke. Its better quality tobacco than the cheap AF thats served up at the lounges at least.

    Last time I was at Majles, it was quite a bit cheaper than this looks like it will be.

  4. These guys are amazing, their hooka lounge in Bellingam has a chill, come in, sit down, relax attitude. And you never have to worry about the place getting shut down because they are totally legal. I will definatly be going here in the near future.

  5. I appreciate you taking the time to read this article. I have a few responses to the comments made and am very excited about listening to the community in order to help us fit in. I will personally read and respond to any questions at
    Our prices are actually the exact same as Majles Cafe. ($19 for regular bowls) Our environment is considerably more up-scale and our shisha is of extremely high quality and is not available in the US. (we ship it directly from The United Arab Emirates). I would reccomend coming in a group so it ends up being about $5/person. Not bad for a night out in Seattle.


  6. Just want to know where do you get that shisha with the muscle relaxent in it. I went to that cobra lounge and it had that and i moved to Idaho and a hookah bar down here called Egyptian hookah bar wants to know if maybe they can set something up with you too get that bob marley shisha with that relaxer in it. E-mail me back if you guys are in.