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Man convicted of murder at age of 19 charged in Capitol Hill burglary

A 36-year-old man police say they caught in the act burglarizing a Capitol Hill home has spent nearly all of his adult life in prison. Convicted of second-degree murder in 1993 at the age of 19, the accused burglar now faces another five years in jail for charges he faces in connection with a February break-in that police say netted four PlayStation games and a small pile of video game cables and equipment.

Guy Lee Bash was arrested by Seattle police after they found him crawling out a window of a home on E. Republican near 19th Ave around 2:30 AM on February 18. According to the police report on the incident, the woman who lived in the home called 911, whispering that there shouldn’t be anybody else in the house but that she could hear somebody inside. Arriving officers said they saw Bash exiting the house in a hurry, his backpack flipping open as he dropped four Playstation 3 video games onto the deck. Inside the pack, police found two wireless PS3 controllers, an HDMI cable and a power cord.

For $150 worth of electronics plus copies of the games Full Auto 2, Guitar Hero, Baja and Mirrors Edge, Bash now faces the prospect of returning to jail for another five years.

At the age of 19, Bash — who goes by the name Guy Granroos — was sentenced to 16 years in jail for killing 26-year-old Phillip Hayes. Accounts of the June, 1993 murder vary only in the details. There was an all-night party. Bash had an accomplice charged for attempting to hide the knife used in the attack. Bash “beat, kicked and stabbed” his victim.

According to documents prepared by King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office, Bash was in trouble with the law prior to the murder conviction, busted for possession of stolen property, assault, two instances of car theft and burglary before the 1993 crime put him away into his mid-30s. Even while in custody, Bash was hit with a conviction on a charge of custodial assault in 2007.

From prison, Bash sent an e-mail to the Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners in American Prisons that has been posted on the organization’s Yahoo Group. Here is an excerpt:

 its no secret,i’ve been incarcerated inwash, st. dept. of corr. since the (yr 1994) under the felony & alpha plea murder in the 2nd degree, which after 12 of a 16 yr plea bargain is under scrutiny. thanks to andress/hinton, i am one of the 750 cases since 1972, to possibly be overturned. i have a maximum release date of aug.2009 & a minimum release date of june 2008 but i will end up serving my max because i have no incoming ($$) in my spendable account balance, i am homeless, i have no college degree, i have no resources i can turn to in times of uncertainty, especially; after i serve a completed term of 16 yrs.

i am not this big of a burden, nor is my birth mother orher siblings!!!! yeah (we) were born & raised below povertyw/i the emerald city of seattle washington but that shouldn’tbe a factor or the deciding factory to be shunned indirectly.

Bash now faces arraignment in days on charges of residential burglary in a process that has been held up as prosecutors worked to establish a bail higher than the $15,000 that was initially set. He’s a “two-strike” felon — a third, more serious conviction would put him away for life. Residential burglary doesn’t qualify as that third strike but King County Prosecutor spokesperon Dan Donohoe said Bash could face another 63 to 84 month in prison if convicted. If that scenario plays out, Bash will have spent half of his time on the planet behind bars.

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12 thoughts on “Man convicted of murder at age of 19 charged in Capitol Hill burglary

  1. He murdered our friend Phil Hayes, who left San Francisco in 1993 looking to start a new life in Seattle, though Phil liked to party, he was a great guy who had anyone’s back if they were his friend, Granroos is scum of the earth and should rot in jail forever.

  2. Phil Hayes was a troubled guy but loved by everyone in North Beach. In between high school and college he used to let me crash in his room after the infamous Mori basement parties on Greenwich. Here’s a toast to Bash being convicted and rotting in jail.

  3. When we first heard of Phils death we we stunned, we didn’t know anything besides he was stabbed, we didn’t know what, where, why, we didn’t know anything. Phils body wasn’t even brought back here to San Francisco, we had a memorial at St Peter and Paul’s church in September 1993 without Phil. To the people of Seattle Phil was a nobody, to the people of San Francisco and more importantly North Beach Phil was a childhood friend, a classmate, a teammate, and a co worker, and though Phil had his demon’s he was a good man. Little did we know back then in 1993 that the “internet” would supply us with answer’s in the future. It hurt us to know Phil was alone up there with no support, he was only 26 year’s old with his whole life ahead of him. We’re all hoping that Granroos can spend many more years in jail, hopefully the rest of his life, he’s not worthy of freedom.

  4. dumb butt meets dumb butt. you guys should write to this guy if you cared ..big mouth is not a excuse your local prision dont be a baby and tell us what u think .one reason they should be aloud to have internet only to hear what we have to say.only incoming mail aloud even videos with our thoughts on what they did .no out going mail no youtube no netflix .but we should also hear the whole story not (Man convicted of murder at age of 19 charged in Capitol Hill burglary ) lets hear the whole story some of us like to read the whole story ….before we judge!

  5. The whole story is a short one, Granroos is a loser who blew it in life, you want more of the story? go see Granroos in jail, I’m sure he’ll let you know.

  6. Hi there everyone. I am Raquel…Guy’s girlfriend. as I read the things the you all have posted I am flooded with several emotions: anger, sadness, guilt, despair, bitterness. All the same things that you must be feeling or were feeling at the time of these posts. I can understand that Phil was your friend and just like anyone out there, including Guy, deserved to live a full and accomplished life. It hurts me to know that the man I have loved has taken away a man that was loved. I just don’t understand how you can respond to an action of hate with actions of hate. did you ever think at the time of writing these malicious comments that it would hurt someone close to Guy? Even the one that is sitting here counting down the days until he is free. I know that what I say may never change you feelings towards him, but I can say this one thing, “What would Phil think?” If he was as caring and loving as you say he was I don’t think he would want you carrying on his memory like this. guy is also a caring and loving man himself. You will never know the immense amount of love that he has shown me. Lastly I hope that somewhere under your hatred you find a sense of peace…

    Raquel De La Cruz

  7. yea raquel if your guys girl friend iam the pope he told me i was his girl friends he is the biggest liar since 1997 weve been back and fourth whe have even been engaged he is not the man you think he is he has lied to me for years and apparently he has not told you the hold truth you want to know hit me back at facebook dosheiadaniels

  8. Dear Raquel De La Cruz, I wish you peace, your self esteem must be rock bottom to have a coward like Granroos as a boyfriend. What would Phil think? are you serious? My advise to you is get help, it’s not too late to save yourself. Run fast ans far away from the Devil who is Granroos.