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Hill Style: Glasses in front of EveryDay Music

At Pine & 10th on her way to work at Oddfellows.  I took this one a little while back… as you can see the finishing touches were still being put on EveryDay Music and Elliot Bay Book Company.   Now that the weather has gotten cold and rainy again I felt inclined to post a photo of someone more bundled up.  Plus, she is wearing TOMS Shoes;  my all time favorite for walking around our hilly city.


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3 thoughts on “Hill Style: Glasses in front of EveryDay Music

  1. I can see she’s pretty without glasses.
    I don’t get why people are wearing those fake big cheap eyeglasses with no lens in. What’s up with that?!

  2. Really? The comments on these posts have regressed to the point of “He (sic) face is nice…”? How incredibly rude. I get a knot in my stomach whenever I see that Dana has posted a new pic because the comments are like reading a 7th grade slam book.

    I love seeing these portraits and the how they portray the unique character(s) of our ‘hood. And I love those big ol’ glasses.