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Hill Style: Striking pair on 13th & Pine

I found these two well dressed friends on my way home from work and even from two blocks away I knew I would have to pester them for a picture.  Once I got close I instantly recognized Clayton.  I photographed him for my blog last fall and have seen him around Capitol Hill a few times since.  He looked equally fantastic and put together on those occasions.  I was so impressed with Lizzie’s hair.  Every new direction that I photographed them from I would see a new part of her asymmetrical cut.  I have never had the guts to get my hair chopped into an exciting cut but seeing this kind of look pulled off so well makes me wish I did.

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9 thoughts on “Hill Style: Striking pair on 13th & Pine

  1. Clayon = boring, and plain. Seriously. If you took away the Prada bag (who’s he trying to impress in Cap Hill anyway with that?) and the cheap wood bracelet all you’ve got left is a look that would fit in perfectly over in Bellevue. The accessories don’t work with the look.
    Lizzie’s hair does look great, but the frumpy top she’s wearing is just so ‘Northwest’.

  2. with joe. Those dang spendy raybans are everywhere, and even if the hangbag and shoes match (ack!) they both belong elsewhere, say Tahoe 20 years ago. And she’s got some great hair but the top and ink are very Seattle…seriously like my decorator neighbor says plants are out for interiors, aren’t medium-grade tatts out too? Clayton’s look is straight from the mercer island yacht club…his earlier photo was way way better. Keep on tryin!

  3. Jeez, people are going to run when they see Dana coming. I like this feature but I don’t like the comments it inspires. We should enable feature requiring your Web cam to snap a pic before you can comment.

  4. I must say that I found the title “Striking Pair” fairly ironic due to the recent strong arm street robberies on Cap Hill. ;)

  5. I think yes they do look decidedly “North West” but that is the beauty of it. North West style to me is influenced a lot by functionality. It’s hard after living here a while not to gravitate towards say, leather bags or loose fitting cotton shirts, because it works well in our wet environment. Clayon’s denim fits him well and that Prada bag is to die for. And he is really handsome, so there’s that.

  6. “his denim fits him well”

    Woe unto the Northwest.

    I call …. he is is wearing rolled cuff jeans, stove pipe cut, good for puddle wading.

    Yeah, nice looking guy, nothing to do with his duds, posed in front of the chic C. Hill Fun and Games Bar, The Cuff, corner VIP doorway ….

  7. Hmm, maybe it’s just me but I don’t see anything wrong with looking “very Seattle” when one is in…what’s the name of this place…oh yeah, Seattle.

    I’m not a big fan of the sock-less loafers, but I think they’re a cute couple. Wish Dana had put up a couple more close-up pictures of Lizzie’s hair, which is awesome.