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Pictures: Capitol Hill’s graffiti cover-ups

Un-graffiti’d, originally uploaded by UncleVinny.
The cultural war over where graffiti begins as art and ends as a crime of vandalism is exhausting. It’s not that Capitol Hill has given up. The Hill’s Broadway Improvement Association continues to cut a big check for, among many things, graffiti removal and clean-up. But the neighborhood also celebrates street art — the near-ubiquitously hacked “Stop for Me It’s the CLaw” street crossing signs are but one example. The recent excitement and hype about the possible Capitol Hill work of internationally known street artist Banksy is another. To find a middle ground, here is a look at the art of the cover-up, the patches of off-color paint designating a place where graffiti has been covered on the Hill. The blotches, patterns and blocks transform empty walls. You can enjoy cover-ups for the odd patterns or, if you have the energy for it, for the battle of art vs. vandalism in the layers beneath.

Gauging the impact of a costly public nuisance

This story is part of a special collaborative project between this site, The Seattle Times and its local news partners:

Neighborhood views: From Redmond to West Seattle, several local sites take a closer look at graffiti in their neighborhoods.

Help map the trouble spots: Know of a place were graffiti is out of control? Send the info to The Times and a photo for our map.

16th Avenue and East Columbia Street. (Photo: Clara Ganey | The Spectator)

13th Ave in Pike/Pine (Photo: Justin Carder)

A 12th Ave garage (Photo: Justin Carder)

10th Avenue and East Pike Street (Photo: Clara Ganey | The Spectator)

The parking lot near Gilda’s Club off Broadway (Photo: Justin Carder)

Even dumpsters get the ghost treatment (Photo: Justin Carder)

Photographic Center Northwest, 12th Avenue and East Marion Street (Photo: Clara Ganey | The Spectator)

19th Ave E crow and dryer vent and 14th Ave wall (Photos: Justin Carder)

post office, originally uploaded by box of birds.
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