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Blotter: St. Joe’s computer theft, cuffed at the Cuff

Here are a couple of items of note from the East Precinct police blotter files.

  • A thief busted into St. Joseph’s Elementary School sometime over Monday night and stole eight computers from a classroom. According to a Seattle Police Department report, the burglar appears to have carefully unscrewed security bars from a window and then methodically removed the cables from six desktop and two laptop computers that were inside the room. The thief was even careful to remove a thumb drive from one of the PCs. A St. Joe school official tells CHS there has been no sign of the stolen computers and the matter has been handed over to their insurance company. The SPD report notes that only a few partial fingerprints were collected at the scene.
  • Early last Saturday morning, a man reported to police he was walking out the Cuff around 1 AM when the next thing he knew, he was being driven to the hospital after a “blow to the face.” According to the SPD report, the victim said he never saw his attacker and that there were no other witnesses. The report notes that the victim was verbally abusive to officers and emergency personnel and “very uncooperative” as they attempted to treat his broken nose. The responding officer said he returned to the scene where the man said he was punched “in an attempt to locate any possible witnesses or evidence, but the results were negative.”
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