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Capitol Hill Food and Drink Notes: Thai restaurant/sushi bar coming to Broadway

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16 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Food and Drink Notes: Thai restaurant/sushi bar coming to Broadway

  1. Indeed. I loved having Ali Baba there when the falafel urge hit. Hopefully the sale was not due to low business there.

  2. This article says Sitka and Spruce is opening Wed. 05/25 but Wed. is 05/26 Im pretty sure this was a simply typo and it opens on Wed. 05/26 regardless I am so excited to have Matt bring some more flare to the Melrose Project!

  3. Sad to hear that Ali Baba is leaving the neighborhood. The food was affordable and delicious, and the staff always very kind.

  4. You should know that some people do not eat meat because it is important that these people are able to tell other people they don’t eat meat. This blog post and the comments are again an affront to people who like to tell others they don’t eat meat. There is not even discussion of vegetarian options. For shame! For shame! Something must be done!

  5. Yay. I wish we had more mediocre Thai or Pho restaurants on Broadway. While we’re at it could we please get a bunch of soulless national chain restaurants around here. Geez, what has happened to my Hill?

  6. Based on your requirements it sounds like the hill is improving for you. Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and Taco Time have left.

  7. When I lived in the Lake View area in Chicago I loved the small Asian fusion restaurants. They were popping up like mushrooms all over the city. I can’t wait to see one show up here. Hopefully they redo the place. I did like the people and the food at Ali Baba, but the place really needs a cleanup and new paint.

    We could use something like on the Hill.