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Help clean up Pike/Pine, hob nob at Saturday’s community street sweep

Looking for an easy way to get involved on Capitol Hill and meet some of the people who make it work? You’ll also get a chance to wear awesome “safety yellow” vests and pick up cigarette butts with the likes of state Sen. Ed Murray and City Council member Sally Clark. One year, CHS even found drug paraphernalia. The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce Street Sweep is Saturday. More details from the Chamber:

Look at that little scamp!

On Saturday May 22nd, The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce has partnered with 12 local businesses to help clean up Capitol Hill.  The annual Spring Street Sweep event started two years ago and has grown each year, this being the largest.  With many local businesses and community volunteers participating, a selected part of Capitol Hill is chosen by the CHCC’s Clean and Safe Committee to clean.  This year the Chamber is focusing on the Pike/Pine Corridor with breakfast snacks before a free lunch after and government attendees like Ed Murray and Sally Clark.  

The Event begins at 10AM where volunteers gather at the Volcano in Cal Anderson Park for breakfast snacks by BECU and Coffee from Peet’s.  After a brief presentation by Chamber Directors and government officials like Ed Murray and Sally Clark (Attending), Volunteers go off in groups to clean different blocks in the Pike/Pine Corridor.  After about an hour or two of cleaning, all volunteers will return for Pizza provided by Pagliacci and Ice Cream from Bluebird.  After some closing words from directors the trash will be collected by CleanScapes. 

Many other community businesses have joined to help the effort including: Tom Douglas Restaurants, Sound Transit, Seattle University, Seattle Academy of Arts and Science, Dessert Sun Tanning Salons, Umpqua Bank, and Capitol Hill Housing. 

We are working hard to help clean up Capitol Hill.  This event has been growing each year with 12 Major sponsors, expected 100+ in attendance and visiting government officials Ed Murray and Sally Clark.  We see this event being a huge community builder for Capitol Hill and the Greater Seattle area and ask for your help as a volunteer! 

We thank you all for your support and hope to see you out on Saturday May 22nd!

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11 years ago

By the way, 12th Avenue, from Madison to Yesler has jumped in on this spring clean as well, and we will have several teams doing trash pick-up, weeding and mulching along 12th! If interested in being on a team or leading a team, please contact Kate Stineback or Cecelia Gunn at CHH at 206-329-7303! [email protected] or [email protected]