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Hill Style: Artist Zoe Williams at 15th and Pine

I came across Zoe while she was waiting for the bus at 15th & Pine.  Not only did I like her style but seeing her smile while she worked away at her knitting i just had to interrupt her for some photos.

Zoe started work as an artist in her hometown of New Orleans.  She moved to here after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and has since then been creating her art in Seattle.  Zoe works with a dry felting technique called needle felting; a very time a labor intensive form of art.  The opening reception for her show upcoming show Cryptomenagerie is Thursday June 10th from 6-11pm at Vermillion Art Gallery and will also feature two other Seattle artists Michael Alm and Jody Joldersma.   After looking at Zoe’s website it is very apparent that this show will be truly unique and a must see on next week’s Capitol Hill Art Walk.  

When we exchanged cards Zoe handed me the clever creation below.  I have to say, this is a business card I will be holding onto.  On the right are a few felted pieces that Zoe had attached to her bag.  

Definitely check out Zoe’s work at her website and in person at Vermillion.  And for more street style photos from around Capitol Hill and the rest of Seattle go to

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