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Pedestrian struck by car at Harvard and Thomas

An 88-year-old woman was seriously injured Monday afternoon after being hit by a car near the intersection of Harvard Ave and E. Thomas. No immediate details on the extent of her injuries but the car involved in the accident is still at the scene according to Seattle Fire Department radio communications. Police are responding to assist in traffic control at the intersection just west of Broadway.

Update: Seattle Fire Department tells us the woman is 88-years-old and has been transported to Harborview Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Update x2: Added this picture from Andrew Filer of the parking lot where –MC in the comments says the woman was struck. We’ll follow up with SPD for more details on the incident.

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7 thoughts on “Pedestrian struck by car at Harvard and Thomas

  1. This is a slow intersection with an island. You really have to be driving fast or driving with your eyes closed to hit anyone in this intersection. Seattle drivers are the worst I’ve ever seen. Seattle drivers = no survivors. Quit whining about the street cars and get rid of all cars in this city.

  2. I almost always avoid this intersection when walking–something about it seems to encourage too many cars going too fast…

    Anyway, I hope she’s okay!

  3. This is just a reminder to residents of the Hill to SLOW DOWN we have lots of elderly people and they seem to walk even when they have a flashing or solid red hand on Broadway. I’m sure the driver did not do this intentionally and just hope that the elderly women is alright.

  4. I disagree, this is a fast intersection with way more space allotted to cars than is necessary. It’s a perfect candidate for some additional traffic calming measures and reclamation of space…namely that giant, useless asphalt patch on the north side of Thomas.

  5. Police are still here and have the parking lot of an apartment building taped off — not sure why. I’ve been in my place afternoon and just looked outside now to see what was going on. It must have been a quiet crash — had there been even screeching brakes I would have heard it and looked outside.

    It’s a very strange corner — long, long ago there used to be a big circle with a tree in it on Harvard (or so the aerial photos and maps tell me), but now it’s just a big stretch of asphalt, with a small traffic circle at the intersection with Thomas.

  6. I agree that people should slow down in the intersections, but in this case the accident took place in the parking spaces behind the apartments. The SUV driver backed too fast into the space and knocked the old lady down. He ran off, but was later apprehended.