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Mystery plaque found in Volunteer Park: Can you help find its home?

Man, there’s some interesting stuff to be found in the bushes of Volunteer Park. Here’s a note we just received from neighbor John:

My kids found this in some bushes at Volunteer Park this morning. I don’t recognize it, but it looks like it came from public property. Any ideas? It’s cast aluminum, heavy. About 1-foot square.

Do you recognize it? We’d ask the Seattle Museum of Mysteries but they’re probably busy with their move. The most obvious explanation likely involves nearby Lake View cemetery.

You might recall our story from earlier this year about the giant, metal exhibit panel found in a park flower bed earlier this year. It had been stolen from the Volunteer Park water tower last June.

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7 thoughts on “Mystery plaque found in Volunteer Park: Can you help find its home?

  1. See if anything’s missing from the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, immediately north of Lake View Cemetery.

  2. There was a big event at Cal Anderson yesterday where families were play fighting with swords and shields…maybe it’s from that. Someone may have gone up to V Park afterwards. Hmmmm….

  3. … the word mutual … and space on each side for an inscription?

    How about M. of Nat History – we pay them to know stuff …

    Or the one that is moving to Lake Union.

  4. i sure thought this would be an interesting post! “Mystery Plague found in Volunteer Park” Some new strain of the Black Death, perhaps? And how did they find it? CHILDREN FOUND IT? Oh, no no, that’s a q. Still good I guess, but not quite as exciting as I originally thought…