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Capitol Hill Food and Drink Notes: Homegrown and oyster/wine bar open at Melrose Market

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4 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Food and Drink Notes: Homegrown and oyster/wine bar open at Melrose Market

  1. $13.50 for a side of fries and a pork sandwich? Throw a drink in there and you’re looking at almost $18 with tax.

    Who eats lunch at these places?

  2. Well i suppose that if they are charging that much for their food then they are paying their employees well enough so that i do not have to do so. It will be nice to go back to the $1 (or less) tip policy I used to have back in college. And I can afford that lunch everyday but I’d been a fool and blowing tiny chunks of my retirement. To me its pretty obvious most of the folks dining out at night in our hood are not living here and walking the street every day. They pull up in their cars or circle the block looking for a space and rush into a newer shiny restaurant. They are always welcome. Enough parking spaces and they folks with some good cash will come for as close to a city experience as they can really get here..Belltown is becoming intolerable and hazardous.

    While its fantastic to see this neighborhood growing and evolving–I’ve been coming and going from CH for 15+years and i recently returned for permanence–these overly expensive menus have got to be trimmed down or you will fail. We’ve seen it happen a couple of times this year so far and further failures will be celebrated and not mourned.

    PS_ Charging 10/cocktail is outrageous too…ill start having more BYOB parties–you’re all invited of course, we can start in Cal Anderson or Volunteer Park.. at least until the light rail opens.