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Hill Style: Dressed-up shorts at Broadway Market

When I found Claire she was conveniently located next to this jungle of flowers outside of QFC. Normally the backdrops on Capitol Hill are bricks, cement and graffiti when I stop someone for a photo.  It was a little chilly out this day.  Claire took a great summer outfit on its own and added tights and a hat to warm it up just enough.  

For more street style photos go to  I will also be part of a panel on KUOW’s Weekday with Steve Scher this Friday morning from 9am-10am discussing Seattle fashion and how style has evolved in our city over the years. Fellow Capitol Hill dwellers  Strath Shephard from Pacific Standard and Adam Sinding from Le 21 Eme Arrondissement will also be part of the show as well as Laura Cassidy; style editor for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine and the mind behind fashion blog Wear What When.  

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3 thoughts on “Hill Style: Dressed-up shorts at Broadway Market

  1. I’ll be wandering around trying to find one like it for the pretty girl in my life.

    Thanks for keepin’ it stylish out there.