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Hill Style: Vintage-inspired on Broadway

Sequoia- Broadway & Harrison

Short shorts are hard to pull off but Sequoia’s look stunning on her.   Her simple loose fitting shirt balances them out perfectly.  We don’t get a ton of these hot days so why not have fun dressing for them?

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3 thoughts on “Hill Style: Vintage-inspired on Broadway

  1. She definitely gets it! The shorts are balanced out by a loser fitting top. She takes advantage of the higher rise in the shorts and adds heels to make her legs look longer, and a skinny belt to highlight her small waist. And the saddle bag keeps is casual yet chic. Well done!

  2. Whew, what nice legs, in a glam pose.
    The shoes are clunk, better is just simple.

    The rest, well, I am still in awe at the gams. Like, Betty Baby Almost.