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Vita’s growth prompts roaster upgrade

It required a large crane (unfortunately not pictured!) to do it, but as of Saturday, East Pike’s Caffe Vita roasting plant has increased its delicious coffee bean output capability by about 33%. We’re told by a neighbor that in the early morning weekend hours, Vita lifted in a new 60 kilogram roaster to replaced the old 45 model. According to a Vita barista, the brand’s growth prompted an upgrade to keep up with demand. With Vita’s coming push uphill to 15th Ave E, they’re definitely going to need more beans.

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4 thoughts on “Vita’s growth prompts roaster upgrade

  1. My coffee taste had found Vita a tad too bitter recently …. something has changed. Same nice people, the sidewalk in front is a mess, upstairs great to chat with 3-4 friends ….

    Who has the best coffee, really, some hints ….please.