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‘Biohazard’ house demolition begins on Belmont — UPDATE: More pics and video

Pull up a chair, don your dust mask with a hole for your beer straw and tune into neighborhood micro-radio station 101.9 FM The Whore for a soundtrack to the big show. The demolition of the Belmont biohazard house has begun.

I just wanted to send you an update with a few pictures. Demolition of the Bio-Hazard house on Belmont and Republican has finally begun.


My landlords are familiar with the owner of the property and they told me that the owner is actually taking care of the demolition work. As you know, the city had planned to demo the place but appears that the owner has ‘stepped up’.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!
DJ Alan… from The Whore

Thanks to DJ Alan for the note and the picture.

UPDATE 5:10 PM: Quite a show out there as neighbors gathered and passersby stood to watch a giant machine tear an old home down in wood-cracking chunks. The house was built in 1910, by the way. Sad way to spend your 100th birthday but, given its recent treatment, it’s probably for the best.

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15 thoughts on “‘Biohazard’ house demolition begins on Belmont — UPDATE: More pics and video

  1. haha… the owner ‘stepped up’? after 2 years of neglecting the property and hoping the druggies would just burn it down completely? well at least it’s going away now.

  2. Just passed by it (without knowing this was scheduled for today) and see they’re already about half-way through the structure. You can see the skeleton of the house, all the lathe and beams — it’s a shame it was allowed to decay, but it’s a happy day when it is gone. Hopefully that will remove some gloom from that corner (especially if they prune back the trees) — just in time for the gloomiest part of the year.

  3. Saw on a previous post (about the fire) concern for ‘the nice cat’ If you mean the big fuzzy orange one, that’s Werber, he’s just fine. In fact he’s curled up beside me right now as I type this.

  4. The owner (Kyle Clark) didn’t want to fork over $200K+ for the city to do the demolition, so he chose to do it himself. He should not be applauded for this.

    I’m SO HAPPY to see this house gone! What a great birthday present. Thank you concerned citizens and the City of Seattle’s Department of Planning & Development!

  5. That’s my crew out there tearing down that house. We abated the asbestos last week. We will have all the debris gone by the end of next week. Thanks to all of you for staying back as we took this down, please don’t go on the site as all the debris is unsafe.
    Affordable Environmental,inc.

  6. So …. are you just unhappy and hard to please or what …

    The house is gone, by whatever means …. and I don’t think it cost you or me a single penny.

    Or was there a tax on “enemies of the house”?

    I mean, really grumpers, try to see the bright side …. GONE.

  7. Thanks, Sparkling Allison, for having rallied the troops a few months ago about his neighborhood blight. It is indeed important to hold the irresponsible would-be real-estate flipper, Kyle Clark, owner of the property, accountable for his miscreant ways. (It appears that Mike-the-curly-one is quite the Pollyanna, too eager is he to let Clark off the hook.) Also, nice to see Affordable Environmental, Inc. chime in on this neighborhood blog. If creepy Kyle Clark wanted an “affordable” solution to the mess he created, more power to him. Finally, to subbaculture, who used to live in the house, we on the block miss the junk-art masterworks your household used to create and display on your corner lot. Here’s to the memories of a grand old house that got bamboozled by greedy out-of-town speculators.

  8. Hook?

    The house is gone.

    Polly who? You seem less than satisfied … how curious. If you buy the lot you can control what is built going forward.

  9. The house was overrun with drug paraphernalia, human and animal waste and all manner of other garbage. I spoke to police who had responded to two of many call regarding trespassers . One said he’d been in side and refused to describe what it was like because it was so horrible. The other officer said that she and her colleagues now refuse to enter the property due to the “biohazard” it presented to them.

    As for Kyle Clark, if it is true that he is handling the demolition, it DOES NOT absolve him in any way of his persistent inaction regarding the condition of the property and the direct threat to the health and safety of the neighborhood. He is an opportunist and acts in his own best interests, not those of our neighborhood.

  10. Friday, 17-Sep-2010

    They crushed this abandoned house a couple blocks away. There’s stacks of crumpled light pink siding around where a basement used to be. A few days ago, four huge sidewalk-heaving trees had these big green “Protect” notices glued to them, so I should have known.

    I walk by this corner a couple times a week on my way to grocery and library goodies. The detached garage of this place was a favorite of taggers: “Fuck your crew,” is the tag I remember clearly.

    The crushing grew small crowds over its couple days, most probably because they thought the noise was from their closest neighbor.

    The noise of the big backhand of a big orange backhoe down on a house surrounded by trees amid multi-family brick structures makes one big noise for many to hear.

    # # #

  11. @mike with curls

    what’s grumpy about her comment or do you have to be a troll with every post that comes on this site? why don’t you go make some of your grandma’s famous cupcakes?

  12. I totally agree… the burnt apartment across from the Mud Bay needs to go. It’s a creepy reminder of that poor man that committed suicide there. They just leave it open and burnt for everyone to see. I am sure there are squatters in the building. It needs to go.