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Police release report on East Denny Way pickup truck-abetted purse snatch

Seattle Police have released a report on a street robbery last week on East Denny Way. The mugging happened late last Wednesday just after 11:30 PM as a woman says she was walking to her car from a nearby coffee shop when a large, white truck pulled up beside her. Here’s the report from SPD:

On the listed date and time, I responded to 4   36 AV for a report of a

robbery that occurred around 2230 near 13 AV/E Denny WY.  I arrived and

contacted V/   who stated the following.


V/   stated she was walking NB on 13 AV towards her car after she left a

coffee shop on 13 AV.  She stated she was walking towards E Denny WY when a

big, white, older pickup truck pulled up alongside her.  She stated a woman

was driving.  She could only describe the woman as having dark hair.  She

stated a W/M, in his late thirties or early forties, with blonde hair about

an inch or two long exited the passenger side of the truck.  She stated the

unknown male, was wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket which he

used to cover partially cover his face as he was talking.  She stated the

male told her, “Gimme your purse.”  She stated the male repeatedly told her

“Gimme your purse.”  V/   stated she asked the man if he was serious over

and over.  She stated the man did not threaten her but looked intimidating.


  V/   after a few minutes, she just handed him the purse and the man

returned to the truck and left the scene in an unknown direction.  V/   

stated the purse contained her driver’s license, passport, credit card and

keys to her car.  V/   stated she returned home and called police.

V/   stated she left her car parked alongside the road because she had a

spare key at her home.


I provided a SPD business card with the incident number to V/  

I hereby declare (certify) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the

State of Washington that this report is true and correct to the best of

my knowledge and belief (RCW 9A.72.085)

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11 years ago

Pretty scary – this is right near my place. I hate feeling like I can’t walk alone at night in my own neighborhood. Damn these people.

11 years ago

I live on that block but can someone tell me where the coffee shop on 13th is please?

11 years ago

The report doesn’t say there’s a coffee shop on 13th, it says a “nearby coffee shop”. Probably People’s Republic of Koffee or something.