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Surprise! 10th Ave East closed for roadwork again — Plus, Madison now ‘grippier’

Perhaps we should just wait and post about 10th Ave East again when it’s not going to be closed for the weekend. Like we said before, that shortcut to Delmar where you drive the wrong way through the Do Not Enter sign in front of Seattle Prep? Don’t do that. Details on this weekend’s work from SDOT:

Tenth Avenue E Closed for Construction this Weekend

Closure: Northbound from E Boston to E Roanoke streets

 The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and its contractor are making street improvements on Tenth Avenue E this weekend.  The work will building a concrete lane on the east side of Tenth from the East Miller to East Boston streets. 

The work will begin at 7a.m. Saturday,  the demolition and removal of the existing street starting at 8 a.m.  The work is expected to be substantially complete by Sunday evening.

Weekend Street Closures and Restrictions

Tenth Avenue E: E Boston to E Roanoke streets
CLOSED to northbound traffic – except transit until Sunday evening.
One southbound lane open.

Note a substantial detour will be in place:  Vehicles heading north will be detoured at the north end of the Broadway commercial district and directed to use E Roy Street to Belmont Avenue E to Lakeview Bloulevard E to Boylston Avenue E to E Roanoke Street.

E Lynn Street: Broadway Avenue E to Federal Avenue E
Closed to through traffic at Tenth Avenue E until early Monday morning.
Eastbound traffic must take a right (south) at Tenth Avenue E

Local access only between Tenth Avenue E and Federal Avenue E
Detour routes will be clearly posted.  Police officers will be on site to keep traffic moving.   Pedestrian access to all businesses and residences will be maintained.

Meanwhile, neighbor NatMadison asks about some work done to :

Any idea what the deal is with the street work on Madison? I live near 25th, where it looks like they’re just taking off the top layer of asphalt, working every few days and closing nearby bus stops for the duration. Speculation is that it has to do with making the surface grippier by winter, but I’d like to get the full scoop.

According to SDOT, Nat’s “grippier” hypothesis is right on and that work should be complete. Given the winter weather Cliff Mass says we should expect, we’re going to need all the grippiness we can get around here.

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10 years ago

Of course people will drive the wrong way on 11th in front of Seattle prep. Otherwise it’s a mile detour that’s not even signed well because the city/contractor weren’t thoughtful enough to find a way to create 2 way flow through a 30 ft section of road. Frankly, their detours are incredibly sloppy and poorly signed in general and as a result there is a constant flow of lost drivers wandering around our neighborhood looking for a way out.

wrong way sally
wrong way sally
10 years ago

agree that the signage is a mess. i tried to follow the signs and once they started pointing me south when i wanted to go north, i gave up and started following everyone else — which is how i ended up at the Seattle Prep shortcut. and thank goodness for it.

10 years ago

I found myself in that disaster last time it happened. NO notice anywhere but here on the Cap Hill blog, and zero signage once you get off of 10th. You bet I zipped around the “do not enter” sign on 11th in front of Prep. 11th is STILL A TWO WAY STREET. Some rich tards involved in Prep wanted the street plugged for their own personal desires. Sorry, that don’t cut it.

if there’s no Cop around, I’ll join the mass going thru that opening and the city, it’s suck ass contractor and Prep can bite me.