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First look inside the overhauled East Olive Way Starbucks

CHS made the list along with friends, family and media including USA Today for a Sunday afternoon look at the revamped East Olive Way Starbucks.

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13 thoughts on “First look inside the overhauled East Olive Way Starbucks” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Pretty space. Their beans still taste like burnt ass. No amount of remodeling can change the fact that they need to serve better coffee. Perhaps Stumptown?

  2. What “not impressed” should really say is that their beans are roasted differently. Each roast has a range of low roast to high roast, the bolder the coffee, the darker the roast. Stumptown has decent coffee, but each of their roasts are the same way. Sounds like “not impressed” should ask for a mild coffee instead.

  3. “Stumptown has decent coffee but each of their roasts are the same way”
    (Brought to you by Starbucks employee #1,345)

    Starbucks coffee is for people that like burnt toast and overpriced franchises.

  4. @errr – uh actually “Clarity” has a good point – different roasting techniques affect the flavor of the coffee that the beans produce. This is not to say I like any of starbucks’ roasts, but to just assume someone who defends starbucks is an employee of the company makes you sound kind of pretentious, don’t you think?

    To each their own – different roasts for different folks.

    ** and NO, i don’t work for starbucks ;)

  5. Okay – so discussion of SBUX coffee aside, what struck me walking by at night this week was the exterior lighting, well and some of the interior lighting also.

    Someone please correct me if i am wrong (and I sincerely hope I am) but the exterior fixtures look like they use incandescent bulbs. And the perimeter interior fixtures incandescent Edison bulbs. While they look really cool, I know there are products on the market that use compact florescent or LED bulbs that also look cool. And if this SBUX is supposed to be the unveiling of a new store prototype, how environmentally sensitive of the designers was it to use these incandescent fixtures?

    Lt me also say that I am not a SBUX hater and absolutely acknowledge the steps they have taken on a corporate level to reduce their stores carbon footprint and be good stewards of our environmental future. I’m just not sure how this store achieves that. Hopefully SBUX can comment?

  6. I thought it looked much more aesthetically pleasing before they primed and painted it that god awful gray.

    The natural wood with the brick was lovely. Now, it is just… Blah. Again.

  7. manages to *look* inviting, without actually being welcoming.

    The tables are too tiny to spread out on or sit around, furniture is too crowded, and set at different height levels. The whole thing screams “admire this place, but don’t get comfortable.”

  8. I am so happy it’s open again, but a bit disapointed that the employees are filling the parking lot in the morning. Tried to stop in a bit before 6:30 and noticed that there weren’t too many customers buying coffee, but was told that some of the employees were parking there to avoid having to walk to work…

  9. The burnt ass flavor isn’t just the roast. The push-button vending machine brewing is a factor as well.

    Listen, we all like to feel superior and think what we like is best. I personally have never understood why anyone would want to frequent Charbucks, but then, some of my friends do and they seem to have most of their wits about them, so I have to chalk it all up to a matter of preference and not some fatal flaw in their reasoning.

    Perhaps fatal flaws in their senses of olfaction and taste, but not reasoning.

    As I said, we all like to feel superior. I’m not immune!

  10. Looks pretty, but with the exception of a couple of nice leather chairs, there really is no comfortable place to sit and study/work or read. Most of the tables are tiny and it’s hard to find an outlet to plug-in a laptop. It’s designed more like a pretty, trendy bar, not a coffee house.