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Capitol Hill food and drink notes: First look at Skillet Diner – Plus, Rex who? Mod Pizza where?

Image: Medium Rare Consulting

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  • We told you that Skillet Diner is coming to 14th and Union’s Chloe building in spring 2011. Here’s what it’s going to look like. The sketch is courtesy Medium Rare Consulting’s Parker Eberhard who tells CHS he is working with the Seattle street food legend on its transition to a brick and mortar space:

    We are very excited to be finally moving forward with the Diner at the Chloe. My company, Medium Rare Consulting, has been working with Skillet on the project for some time (I also built the trailer and have cooked for Skillet). We (Medium Rare Consulting) are a new company that offers design, concept, business + financial consulting, and project management to anyone wanting to open a restaurant. We hope that the Skillet Diner will be the launching pad for some more great projects in the Seattle area.

  • Meanwhile, the Olson-Pardo Capitol Hill empire is on the march again. We told you about Grim. Now, we’re hearing whispers about Rex.
  • 10th Ave East’s Easy Joe’s diner is delayed. Roof work, we’re told.
  • Rosebud hosts a Trevor Project benefit Wednesday, October 27.
  • Patty Pan brings “farm fresh food” to 23rd and Madison, Tuesday through Saturday. 
  • The Roanoke is celebrating its new lease on life with a big party weekend of November 5th.
  • The death of Watertown revealed some of the tensions that develop between business owners and Yelp reviewers. CHS advertiser The Twilight Exit knows how to handle a nasty Yelper.
  • Speaking of Yelp, does the Redwood have a peanut Nazi?
  • Mod “Super Fast” Pizza is coming to Capitol Hill, sez. We haven’t had time to poke around for the where or ask about the when but maybe you know where’d you put another pizza joint on Capitol Hill.
  • We bet Big Mario’s knows where it would like to put another pizza competitor on Capitol Hill. The Pike/Pike pizza joint will probably tell you via it’s fancy new ‘Web 2.0’ styled site They’ve also added breakfast pizza to the menu amazingly bringing the Capitol Hill total for establishments offering breakfast pizza to at least two. Bill’s off Broadway cooks em up, too. Mario’s, by the way, is a CHS advertiser.
  • We wish we did things like the outing chef Philippe Thomelin describes in this passage from the latest Olivar e-mail newsletter:

    Some of may remember Jacob Wiegner, my former sous chef who opened his own restaurant, Blackboard Bistro in West Seattle.  After 2-years of working together, a mutual respect and friendship developed.  We went to the Olympic Forest not long ago to forage chanterelles, where Jacob invited me to be a guest chef at his restaurant on November 17th.

  • Broadway’s Jup Jup Jup has 2-for-1 deals on Mondays it’s posting via Facebook. But you have to have the password.
  • The deadline for public comment on the Volunteer Park Cafe application to change the permitted use of their Galer at 17th home is Wednesday the 27th. We’ll be talking to a few of the principals before the deadline.
  • We talked to Ken Bauer to ask him if he’d found a buyer yet for Charlie’s on Broadway, the restaurant he’s run since 1976. Charlie’s is still for sale, Bauer tells us. He says he’s also looking forward to getting away from the 7-day-a-week schedule of running Charlie’s but knows the slow economy means he’ll need to be patient. Price tag is $385,000. The Pike Street Beer and Wine shop is still for sale, too, by the way. We profiled the efforts to sell Charlie’s and the beer shop in this August report.
  • The overhauled East Olive Way Starbucks has been open for a week now. Have you been inside?
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  1. “CHS advertiser The Twilight Exit knows how to handle a nasty Yelper.”

    A question mark head with 0 friends and 2 reviews? “ps.” instead of at least an attempt at a real name? That’s not a real Yelper in my book!