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Not a Stealthbucks

As the overhaul of the East Olive Way Starbucks heads into the final stretch before its goal to re-open on October 18th, it became very clear this week that there will be none of the stealth and secrecy about the SBUX brand that we saw in the 15th Ave and Roy St. projects. Here is a picture of the giant Starbucks sign we snapped early Wednesday morning on the way to some other coverage. There is no mistaking it. That’s a Starbucks. (BTW, Hello Seattle agrees, it turns out.)

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35 thoughts on “Not a Stealthbucks

  1. Thank God it’s almost done. I know it is corporate, but I have missed that place since it closed. You can tell it is well loved by the constant stream of people at the coffee van. :-)

  2. i hope a bolt of lightening hits the building and burns it to the ground. long live vita, vivace and zoka. real coffees for real people.

  3. You work at Walgreens. Better duck, the lightening might be hitting your unreal butt.

    As soon as these places get more successful you will hate them.

  4. such hate! since when was starbucks “fake” coffee? it’s not fake coffee, it’s just subpar coffee. whatever. different strokes.

  5. Seems like a no brainer to me but I feel like it needs to be said….People….WaKe UP!!!

    This building and sign and everything about it is a complete eye and brain soar. The 15th ave shop was a waaaay better attempt to fit in to the scene on the hill and somewhat respectable…tho I don’t give them a dime either. It now feels like I have a god damn strip mall at the end of my block to pass each day walking downtown to work?! I am an enginner and have nothing to do with any coffee shops except getting my morning cup of joe. This is DISGUSTING!!!

    I mean if you are looking to pick up the new Jack Johnson CD or a fun badged thermal to go cup or grab an airplane food quality sammi or sit in an environment where the logo is seen no less than 50 times in one pan of your eyes….then this is TOTALLY the place for you. Congrats….enjoy.

    I can’t believe that the scensters and hipsters and artists and musicians and independent minded, SUPER COOL and unique people that make up a giant portion of the hills community would be caught dead being seen hanging out in that new Starbucks???

    There are 17,000 locations!?!?! They don’t need your money AT ALL! Look at the many, many independent stores around us on the hill closing. Maybe you can’t afford some of the high end goods they offered but you NEED your coffee and CAN afford it. I mean within a few blocks is Vivace, B&O, Top Pot, Faire, Bauhaus…etc.

    I hear you say you’d like to go but they aren’t on your route or close enough to you. A.) You’re lazy as hell. B.) Grab my hand….K…I have a solution for you…it can’t get any easier than this. When you are about to enter this P.O.S. I hope you remember this note and look ONE tiiiiny block down Olive to the RAD new Arabica Lounge for example serving fancy and really cheap Stumptown coffee. SUPER friendly with original art, serious style, play really diverse music (much of it on vinyl), with killer homemade goods and most importantly is ONE OF A KIND!! EVERYTHING about it fits and defines the vibe of the hill.

    Oh… with a few of the other shops I listed…they have a GREAT beer and wine selection and open at night too so you can’t play that card to support the re-modeled bucks either.

    Uuuuugh….Do you support or care about the hill?
    K…good…then GO DO IT….EVERY DAY!

  6. Wake up! Some of those great places you listed are registered corporations.

    You really don’t know who your neighbors are.

  7. Hey….thanks for the heads up in pointing out that maybe one or two of the places I pointed out are not independent. I didn’t know that. I would remove Top Pot and whatever others I listed incorrectly if I could. To me they FIT in and aren’t a giant steamroller but still….my bad.

    I know Arabica and Faire and Bauhaus and B&O are not. I feel like my overall thought was alot more than you arrogantly pointing out my mistake.

    Since you had nothing good to say supporting my thoughts….sounds like you’ll be enjoy Starbucks.

  8. I thought the arrogance was really on your part for asking people to wake up because you don’t agree with their choices. I just wasn’t arrogant enough to point it out until…

    Maybe it isn’t a no brainer, maybe people don’t need to wake up, maybe you don’t know your neighbors, maybe…

  9. I sometimes stop by that Starbucks (when it’s open) on my way to the bus tunnel, downtown, early in the morning. Would everyone be cool and when I show up just step to the side and let me go up to the counter and get my coffee without having to stand in line? I’ll leave right away if you do.

  10. @Bizqwik Stumptown coffee is also corporate – they’re a multi-state coffee chain out of Portland. Doesn’t matter who serves it; you’re still getting corporate coffee.

    Tone down the arrogance. Chances are that Starbucks has been on the Hill longer than you have.

  11. That location has always been corporate. When I was in high school it was a Red Robbin, then Boston Market leased it, and finally Starbucks.

    The thing that SB has going for it is uniformity. You may hate McDonalds, but you know exactly how the shitty burger will taste. Every time I go to a non-corporate coffee shop the product is inconsistent. At least at SB I know that they’ll use 4 pumps of flavor, fill the milk to the line, and add “x” number of shots. May not be the best quality, but hey first thing in the morning it’s as consistent in my day as NPR.

    On a side note: When an independent show formulates a sugar-free syrup that tastes as good as the one Starbucks manufactures, I’ll patronize any shop that uses it.

  12. Since when is Stumptown considered corporate? Having multiple locations doesn’t make you a corporation. Is the company publicly traded?

  13. I just got my sbux gold card through the rewards program. Totally going when it reopens for my VIP treatment. MOVE ASIDE, I’M A GOLD CARD CARRIER!! I get the spot next to the fireplace! (Kidding) ;) corporate convenience is fine by me, especially when I get free drinks on my bday.

  14. Corporations are a legal entity and can be either publicly traded or not. Bigger ones are usually public so they can get more investors. stumptown is probably a closely held (private) corporation.

    (note to mod: i accidentally hit ‘report abuse’ when I was looking for ‘reply’)

  15. about the anti-corporate nuts.

    Where do you work?
    Who made your clothes?
    your food?
    your car?
    your bike?
    your phone?

    Last time I checked, Starbucks is a local corporation employing thousands of local people. Once upon a time it was one store in the Market. At what point did they become “evil”? 10 stores? 20? The first out of state store?

    If Linda Derschong opens bars in Portland and San Francisco, does she become a corporate sell-out?

    And, how many indie coffee shops have you ever seen FAIL in Seattle? AND that can be blamed on the presence of a Starbucks? If indie coffee shops fail, it’s usually because they suck or have a crappo location. It’s about the only fail-proof business around…

    If you don’t like Starbucks, don’t drink their coffee. But, I bet when you’re stuck in some airport, or driving through some other part of the country that doesn’t have 25 indie coffee shops to choose from, you thank your lucky stars for that Starbucks on the corner…

  16. You know, I want to say thank you for calling them out. All those people who talk shit about Starbucks for being a huge corporation do in fact need to stop and think and educate themselves.

    I get sick when I hear people say these things while Facebooking on their iPhone with their Urban Outfitters clothes and wearing their Converse shoes on their way to Linda’s (which is Corporate too, of the worse kind). Oh weird…you are a walking hypocrite.

    Many businesses on the hill, and in Seattle, even the independant ones are registered corporations. This is a tax thing. Not morality thing. Unless there is an LLC at the end of the name or you know for a fact that the owner will be claiming all the business’ income on their personal tax return as an indepentant contractor, it’s a corporation.

    Starbucks is not the evil machine it is made out to be. I worked for the company for 4 years, and though it was not my favorite job, it was exactly what I needed at that time and I got a look on the inside.

    That company spends more on Health Insurance for it’s employees than it does on coffee products, they provide life insurance, school tuition reimbursement, contribute nicely to your 401k, and give you stock certificates. They just GIVE their employees money. Can Linda say that? (I know people who work for linda, and they don’t get shit for benefits and get screwed constantly by that company).

    They donate money to ensure that people have drinking water in countries in Africa. Does Urban do that? (no, Urban donates money to politicians who try to take away gay rights)

    They pay more than Fair Trade prices for their coffee, and every year give 10-15 thousand dollars to coffee farmers in Guatemala, Ethiopia and the like so they have have drinking water, schools and health care facilities. And for every hour that an employee volunteers for an organization, Starbucks donates the employees hourly wage to the cause.

    If you don’t like it, don’t go….

    But seriously, if you’re gonna dog the Bucks, keep your Nikes and iPhone at home and shut up.

  17. Anti corporate guy is nuts. If you don’t like Starbucks, then don’t go. Simple as that. Yay for personal choice. I gotta say though that I was amazed to see them serving coffee out of a van, with a makeshift patio in the parking lot, and there is still a crazy long line!

    I live on 15th and drink tons of coffee. I hate the burnt taste of regular Starbucks coffee. I finally went into that bizarro stealth starbucks and you know what, they had awesome coffee. Sure Ladro and Victrola are still going to get 90% of my business, but now I’ll stop at the starbucks from time to time.

    Anyway, I’ve been walking past this place wondering if this was going to be another stealth attempt. Thanks CHS blog!

  18. I don’t get how this posting is 90% Starbuck backers?….hmmmm.

    How aren’t they seen as buying up companies and trying to profit from owning the largest portion of the coffee sales industry possible by shoving their product in your face everywhere you go? Can’t argue with their plan cuz it’s working perfectly…..the minions are following right in line handing over 3-4% of their paycheck each month to them. Most never knowing what a good cup of coffee actually tastes like because I assume alot are already taking a serious step up from the Dunkin Donuts they used to drink.

    I have been curious as to why they aren’t looked at like McD’s in FATTENING up the world with their sick ass coffee flavored sugar drinks loaded in fat and calories advertised all the time. Several with more fat than a Big Mac. The baked goods are incredibly unhealthy there. They DEF are a big contributer in Americas obesity problems and rarely brought up in that discussion.

    Downtown Seattle is so insane. When walking from Westlake mall to Pike market which is about 4 blocks you will start with not one but two Starbucks at Westlake Mall……look to east and see one at 5th and Pine….then south and see Seattles Best…aka Starbucks 1 block to the south. Then from that front door at 4th and Pike you can see not one but 3 Starbucks stores from that location. I could go to 5th and Pike and hit that one up?!?!…Nah….I’ll Head to west to 3rd and pike….Starbucks…..2nd and Pike….Starbucks….hey look…..1st and pike…STARBUCKS!!!….let’s go forward to the pig and look down right…..ooooohhhhh the old starbucks…..fuuuuuun. That’s 7 or 8 locations of Starbucks within the 4 block walk. Wait….what’s that to the north I see….Seattles Best at the crack park!! Wow. I did it! I did the entire walk wtihout passing a corner wihtout a Starbucks store!….Plus…I could see another one from the front door of each of the 7 locations I walked by.

    Like they and their bankroll aren’t trying to take over with greed and domination in mind…..give me a F’in break……

  19. …..any basic crack dealer will know that the more corners you are on the more crack you will sell. Holy DUH batman.

  20. you’re right that sbux sells a lot of fattening stuff. although the comparison to McD’s is not quite right. even if an sbux drink has more calories than a big mac, i’d still rather drink coffee, milk/cream and sugar than eat mclips and a__holes. also, sbux labor practices are a lot better than mcd’s and the beef industry

  21. also – i don’t know if a lot of the comments are from “backers” so much as people who are simply trying not to be hypocrites and seem irritated by people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

  22. I typically get my coffee from a smaller shop. When I’m traveling out of town and there isn’t another coffee shop around I will hit up a Starbucks. Yes they are a huge company, but they do employ a lot of people, including lots who live on the hill. For those who bash SB and how big they have become, if it hadn’t been for them then there wouldn’t be the need for the many smaller coffee companys such as Vita, Vivace, Verite, Bauhaus, etc… When I lived on the hill I saw more people at coffee shops on their iPhones and Mac Books that even had anti-corporate stickers on them.
    Yes, I wear converse, CK jeans, boxer shorts made by Fruit of the Loom and even socks made by Hanes. Heck, I even drive a car made by a mega corporation based in Japan!!!
    I try to keep my money local and help the smaller stores and such when I can, but it isn’t always possible.
    Think about that when you’re talking on your iPhone and using the crappy service from AT&T just so you can be an “indie hipster dufus”.

  23. Wait, since when did the requirements of a corporation become publicly traded stock? You do know small businesses can have publicly offered stocks or securities too? It’s called SCOR (Small Company Offering Registration), have a look. LLC = Limited Liability Corporation

  24. There are two kinds of coffee – the crap they give away for free at rest stops and the good kind served everywhere else.

    If you believe differently, you’ve been suckered by marketing.

  25. If you are under the mistaken impression that privately held corporations are somehow better than publicly traded ones, please Google “Koch Industries”.

  26. I will be happy when it re-opens. I am sad to see so many businesses close around here, it’s great to see money put into something. I do not care if it is a big corportation or a mom and pop shop, I just am happy to see an open business instead of another going out of business sign. The only thing I hope is that the new place is more comfy with a bit of heat instead of a way to cold temperature and environment.