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Save Health Care in Washington!


If you haven’t yet mailed in your ballot for the November election, you’re probably still trying to sort out all of the initiatives on it.  I urge you to take the time to educate yourself on them because important human services are on the line.

Because of the ongoing recession and state budget crisis, hundreds of thousands of our state’s most vulnerable people are slated to lose basic services that are the lynch pin to dignity and survival for many. Without these services, the future of our children, our communities and our economy is in jeopardy, and the outcome of the November election could make things worse.

If you’ve felt bombarded by election TV commercials over the past month, it’s because the election is being dominated by big, out-of-state corporations, who’ve poured record amounts of money into our state. When it comes to the future and finances of our state and our communities, it should be Washingtonians who call the shots, not BP Oil or Bank of America.

There are seven measures on the ballot, five of which would drain desperately needed revenue from our state and block the Legislature from helping the most vulnerable among us.  All of these are funded by out-of-state corporations.  Two of the measures would increase funding for health care and education.

If you want to vote for your values and against out-of-state special interests, here’s a quick guide to the ballot:

o       NO on 1100 & 1105

o       NO on 1053

o       NO on 1082

o       NO on 1107

o       YES on 1098

o       YES on R-52

For more information on the details of the ballot measures, check out and  You can also see the many trusted organizations that are supporting these positions.  Most importantly, get your ballot postmarked by November 2



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