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The Mayor’s on Broadway

Starting at Roy St. Reps from Chamber, Community Council, POWHAT, GSBA, Gage, more




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8 thoughts on “The Mayor’s on Broadway

  1. Typical comments regarding McGinn thread.

    Something something bike lanes, bikes destroying business, truck drivers as second class citizens, Mayor McSchwinn, bike lanes, bike boxes, $20,000,000,000 paint, walking, pedestrians, Capitol Hill needs fewer bike lanes, more parking, cheaper parking, more amenities for cars, bikes bikes bikes bikes

    And bikes.

    Typical rhetorical question regarding McGinn’s dedication to bikes.

    Typical incredulous response to those who like bikes.


  2. McGinn is a useless mayor who seems to have only one issue he cares about (bikes). And he’s an outright liar…during the last weeks of his campaign for mayor, he said he would not do anything to get in the way of the tunnel project, yet he has done everything he can to do just that. Say what you will about Greg Nickels, but at least he had some great ideas to improve our city, and he was strong enough to make them happen.

    I fervently hope, and expect, that McGinn will be a one-term mayor.

  3. It is curious that the Mayor would speak for Sound Transit on Sound Transit’s plans for funding art projects in the future. Wonder what Sound Transit’s Art Program Manager Barbara Luecke thinks about his comment.

    I hope the mayor follows through on his desire to preserve the arts. A worrisome indicator: the application period for City of Seattle’s Civic Partner grants for art organizations was originally scheduled to open in September but now has been delayed until “2011, date to be determined.” So it appears the funding level is uncertain.

    As someone mentioned on twitter (jseattle?) maybe the city should hold a garage sale of the 30% of art inventory in city storage. Love the concept, but of course impractical in execution. Still, this idea is begging for a single panel comic illustration. Anyone?

  4. Barbara was there, actually. The ST stuff came up as McGinn offered an example of how arts are likely to be stripped at other levels of government. It was cited in a context of ‘we’re not cutting back as much as everybody else.’ But he also emphasized the need to spend more smartly.

  5. I was unable to attend the Q&A session with the mayor. Did the extension of the Broadway Streetcar come up at all? If so, did the mayor give any indication of where he stands on it?

    While I am no fan of Mayor McGinn, and am happy to say that I did not vote for him, I DO appreciate his support for transit and non-auto alternatives in Seattle. We just need to accept that mass transit is part of being the “world class city” we purport to be.

  6. Most likely the MOST important question of the day – with all due respect, the future of C. Hill and Bwy. are tied to more transit in a most positive way.

    No one asked? How very quaint.

    And the role the city will play is big time.

  7. Jeanie – food banks or the arts?

    Need to get the stuff out of storage and on display – and accurately inventoried – oh, and by the way, art in storage is often stolen from insiders …..