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The Seattle Lesbian looks to be new online local news voice for, well, Seattle lesbians

Earlier this week, CHS noticed a reference to our report on a push to create an LGBT community center on Capitol Hill from a site called First CHS thought: damn porn site scraper bots! Such is the state of LGBT media/local media/all media. Turns out, The Seattle Lesbian is an ambitious little new online news venture with a simple, straightforward name — reminds us a little of somebody we know! Meet TSL:

The Seattle Lesbian is a hip, cutting-edge news, lifestyle, political, and entertainment website designed specifically for lesbians by lesbians in the Pacific Northwest. Content ranges from topical, timely national reports to area-specific news and entertainment, reviews, and celebrity interviews straight from Hollywood. Mixing up local and national news and resources in a fresh new way is our forte’.

Editors Sarah Toce and Kate West (she’s the one with the ink in the photo above) tell CHS that Seattle lesbians do not have a news source. “Seriously. It’s all I’ve heard. For years, I’ve been saying it, too,” Toce said. “So, instead of complaining about it and waiting for someone else to do it, I decided to do it myself!” Toce said that in addition to West, her wife Stephanie Brusig is also involved in the operation as well. “We are going to put Seattle on the map — if all of the ladies out there will support us and help spread the word,” she said.

The site enters a “niche” online news market but it won’t be entirely alone. Our pals at are a hard working bunch who have helped put the hyper in Seattle hyperlocal LGBT community coverage and the venerable Seattle Gay News continues to plug along and shoveling its reams of content onto the Internet. And there is the Stranger, of course, which continues to be the leading Seattle voice for many Seattle cultures — including Capitol Hill and, probably, Seattle lesbians. But there’s always room for more voices, no? Also like CHS, The Seattle Lesbian is advertising supported.

TSL’s content so far runs the spectrum from news bits, to commentary to entertainment and events coverage. It leans a little heavily on celebrity interviews but the site is just over a week old, so it’s a bit early to judge. Their write-up of the situation surrounding the LGBT community center story is notable in that it adds to the story and represents honest-to-goodness new era information gathering at its finest. That’s a nice link post, TSL. Well done.

As for the women behind TSL, Toce is an experienced freelancer having written for SheWired and some of Seattle’s local community papers, while West is an advocate and writer with a day job at UnitedHealth Group, according to her LinkedIn profile.

West told us more about her vision for what TSL can be:

Our hope is to bring Seattle’s lesbian population to the forefront and give a voice to all of the talented female artists, musicians, business women, etc in our local community as well as being a one-stop site for Seattle lesbians who want to keep up on national happenings too. It’s about time someone stood up for local lesbians and we’re proud to do just that.

Toce is also a bit of a fighter it seems. “For some reason, people are scared of successful women. Well, we’re here and we are going to show them that women can write and deserve to be respected,” she tells us.

Follow the fight fun at, on Facebook and on Twitter @thesealesbian.

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6 thoughts on “The Seattle Lesbian looks to be new online local news voice for, well, Seattle lesbians

  1. Glad to see something like this happening! The site is a little cluttered though and doesn’t seem very Seattle-specific yet. Reads similar to After Ellen. I look forward to seeing the site grow!

  2. But, if you’re going to cut n paste our calendar, you might double check it for accuracy…we had a boo-boo in a listing and it showed up on “your” calendar. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but plagiarism is a bit tacky…at least, rewrite the text so it’s not a direct steal.

    Thanks, and the best of luck to you!


  3. thank you. I am sick of getting only porn sites when I want to know what is going on here on the hill.

    they (the city fathers) in spite of having a lesbian on the council, clearly set a goal of straighting up the hill about 5 years ago. look where gay pride is now? the new census shows that I am a miniority on the hill. a lesbian. almost none of us left.

    hope your page grows and grows. I want news of the hill the city andthe world. but mostly what is going on for dykedom these days.

  4. Hurray! and I like this…..i live on Whidbey Island and like to know
    what’s goin’ on over there is “America”…especially in the lesbian world.
    so, thanx…
    I also have a nightly/weekend/vacation rental over here with a terrific
    view and wonderful NW style 2 bedroom house that I would LUV to rent
    exclusively to lesbians! discounts to readers of TSL…..
    thank u and good luck!!!
    p.s. can i advertise with you?