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Woman reports backpack robbery at East Pike and Bellevue — UPDATE

The nasty weather hasn’t slowed down area thieves this rainy Monday. Central District News is reporting that a woman has been robbed of her backpack in a strong-arm robbery near East Pike and Bellevue. No further information is available at this time but we can report that no medics have been dispatched to the scene of the noontime mugging.

We reported earlier on an armed robbery near 25th and John that happened Monday morning around 7 AM.

UPDATE: We’ve learned that SPD had the incorrect location for the robbery included in CDN’s preliminary report. The robbery happened at Denny and Stewart. We don’t have any additional information on the crime.

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5 thoughts on “Woman reports backpack robbery at East Pike and Bellevue — UPDATE

  1. at Denny & Stewart. That’s the corner that’s almost 24/7 with a “homeless” person begging for money on Stewart and that god-awful green building that caters to some pretty slimy looking folks around 7 a.m. every day.

  2. This entry and subject line change is really confusing. Are you saying that the backpack mugging location was actually Denny and Stewart? Or was the armed robbery at Denny and Stewart?