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Hill Style: Staying warm on Broadway

Even though I am still under doctor’s orders to stay off my ankle I just had to take a short walk down Broadway on Tuesday to see what people were wearing after the snow storm.  Just as I was about to throw in the towel and head back home I passed Christine and Kristen bundled up and enjoying a walk down snowy (well, mostly slushy) Broadway.  

For more Seattle street style photos check out It’s My Darlin’


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23 thoughts on “Hill Style: Staying warm on Broadway

  1. I’m with Moi. These posts are useless. I need more about bicyclist rampages, burnt down crack houses, snomagedon and condos. Glut of a market, over valued, price freefalling condos. You know, the stuff that actually matters. Fashion does not matter.

  2. if you don’t like it you could go and start your own damn blog. personally, i like the diversity that chs brings and if there’s something on the site i don’t care for, i just skip past it.

    besides, how often do these kinds of posts come up? you must not subscribe to a lot of content if these hill style posts “clog” your reader.

  3. J, any chance a roll-your-own feed might be possible? I’d like to get/create a feed the includes the community-oriented posts, but certain tags (not categories).

  4. If you want to munge together some feeds, be my guest. But most of my content ‘development’ time right now is devoted to worrying about coming-soon transition to WordPress

  5. Of course you can post whatever you want in CHS, but this series doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the blog. Personally, I read the blog because most of the posts are elaborations about events in the community, either past or to be. I would not find out the story behind the hatchet killing or the sledding on Denny on my own. It is more intimate that Seattle Times or KOMO and so forth. I like that.

    Then there are pictures of people who are dressed in a way this contributor likes, in the name of “street fashion”. But there aren’t very many people in these pictures. Two at a time. Maybe three. No details beyond the images. Though it’s “street fashion”, it’s not necessarily representative of what most people are wearing, and dare I say it? It’s not really all that interesting. If I were really curious, I would be better served walking down Broadway on my own. This series, in contrast to the rest of the blog, is less information than I would get single-handedly.

    Sure, it neatly conforms to the fashion genre of blogging just fine. Which is likely why it sticks out so much here.

    I get that you post what you like. Sure. It is just weird because it has this weird elitist alienating quality that the rest of the blog, in my opinion, successfully avoids.

  6. You say on one hand that there are no details and then on the other hand say it’s elitist and alienating. Sounds like a personal problem. For some people, fashion is a way of expressing themselves. How you interpret this as elitist says more about you than the subject matter, frankly.

  7. I was against the fashion stuff at one point, but I was simply jealous that I didn’t ever make it as one of the models. The photos are a nice break from street robbery news. The NW has way too negative tone in the news (compared to CA). Keep it up.

  8. “I would not find out the story behind the hatchet killing”

    For cereal! The news sucks. Snow snow traffic snow traffic snow hatchet murder on my front steps snow snow traffic snow snow…

  9. If the person – Dana – had a better eye, it would be more interesting.

    OK for some , but not too interesting. I pass on it now.

    The look she likes is more Kirkland than the Hill …IMHO, of course.

  10. Not sure it totally holds up but I do appreciate you annunciating how you feel about the posts. I think you’re onto something regarding the ‘few vs. many’ aspect. Ideally, these are a look at the best of how ‘we’ look.

  11. Agreed, I have no problem with these fashion posts and actually like them. I don’t subscribe to this strictly for news, I subscribe to it because it’s about Capitol Hill – I don’t want the subject matter limited simply because a few can’t skip over things they aren’t interested in.

  12. Why are you all being so damn negative about this feature? Do you really think you have a better fashion sense then Dana? Because chances are you do not. For those of you complaining about her “eye”, you must not read fashion blogs. It’s not always about what appeals to you, that would be borrring. It’s about showcasing what trends are out there and how people wear them.

  13. I think its a fun idea to have pictures of style on the hill but I think the outfits chosen tend to all be a certain kind of style- the ultra trendy (even if it means completely unflattering), very urban outfitters. Mixing it up a bit would be nice.

  14. I’m not sure about if I like these posts or not. I think the girls in this one are pretty and dressed reasonably. Like the blue coat on the blue-eyed gal.

    However, usually I’d like to see some models that look “real.” Take that as you want.

  15. Clarification – I meant that these two girls in winter coats do indeed look real but that I’ve seen other posts where the models could use a sandwich.

    Take that as you will, too.