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Return of the Denny sled run — UPDATE: Not all fun and games

2008 flashback. Reports of hundreds of people gathered on the slope of Denny Way enjoying the snowy night. Sledding, cart racing, frolic, etc. As a few folks have said via Twitter, comments and Facebook, hopefully this year they clean up after themselves (yeah, right!). Pictures by @lavid



UPDATE: We were worried when we saw the 12:28 AM 911 callout to Denny and Melrose that it might have been related to a sledding accident. Our worries were confirmed this morning. We’ll try to find out more about the injuries which did not appear to be life threatening but still sound scary. Here’s an eyewitness account:

Two trash bins full of sledders were drag racing down Denny when a car came driving up the closed road. One sledder bin hit the car, causing it to spin. I heard from a fellow onlooker that one of sledders screamed on impact and it looked like the car rolled over his leg. The ambulance showed up for him a few minutes later.

UPDATE x2: Not to focus everything on the incident but we do have a bit of additional info from SFD to share. SFD confirmed the injury but tells us they didn’t transport which is usually a sign of a less serious condition. The original callout had been that a sledder was run over. SFD said its medics were gone from the scene in under 10 minutes.

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23 thoughts on “Return of the Denny sled run — UPDATE: Not all fun and games

  1. Best moment of this year’s sledding party – woman walks up to us looks at her empty beer, looks back at us, throws empty beer is beat up sledding box, yells “This box is for recycling!!!” then walks away.

  2. I kept wondering what all of the hooting and hollering was about last night. Then I saw the carnage this morning and went online to investigate. Now I know. Those young whippers can never get enough. Sorry I missed it.

  3. whats with the dudes with shopping carts? that ain’t sledding, that’s like those downhill snow biking events i’ve seen on tv, lame!

  4. Not everyone out there driving is from around here. That car might not have been trying to go up the closed road if people hadn’t stolen the signs to use as sleds. Just sayin.

  5. I am down for sledding but NOT for being an asshole and leaving crap on the side of the street. it’s our neighborhood, we live here, so we shouldn’t treat it like a dorm-room dump. if it goes down again today/tonight please don’t be a selfish jerk and clean up after yourselves, I have to walk up and down that way to work!

  6. didn’t someone die after sledding down denny and crashing into a telephone pole a few years ago? denny should be off limits from sledding no matter how fun it is..

  7. let me just take this opportunity to point out to y’all that Denny might be closed, but MELROSE & BELLEVUE are not.

    Remember to watch for cars. I’ve got some cardboard if y’all want it.

  8. Snowstorm 2004?
    No, she didn’t die. but she was pretty fucked up and had to be extracted by the EMTs. And the 30+ drunk fucks around kept sledding, one even bumping into her injured body and everything.

    Stay classy, Capitol Hill

  9. LOL: yeah the snow signs need to stay put.

    A little caution tape would go a long way to spelling out to snow-weary vehicle operators (cars, buses and bikes, all of them) where not to go so that sledders might be more safe.

    And For Fucks Sake, start your run AT Bellevue, not Olive. Of course Bellevue’s open, isn’t it a bus route? (That’s all they’re plowing this year)

  10. It was cool until the taggers came by and marked up a building. No one said anything for fear of getting the paint turned on them.

    Classy, in the not really sort of way.

  11. How many sledders vs taggers? Come on, stand up for your neighborhood and defend it against taggers and the rest of the scum of the earth. If you and others don’t do it, then who will?