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2011 look ahead: Oola Distillery plans spring debut, looking for food+drink neighbor

Need something look forward to in the New Year? How about a new wave of craft distilleries setting up shop on and around the Hill. We’ve told you about Sun Liquor Distillery coming soon in the first weeks of the New Year. We’ve also told you bits and pieces about the plans for another craft effort being shapped — Oola at 14th and Union. Now we have details from the man building the new business and joining the small club of providers of locally crafted spirits on Capitol Hill.

Here’s the e-mail we received about the plans for Oola:


I’m Kirby Kallas Lewis, owner of Oola Distillery. I know there has been some curiosity about what’s happening in the old La Panzanella building. Things have been so crazy with the buildout that we haven’t been able to do much in the way of publicity. However, we finally have our Facebook page up as of about a week ago…

I am happy to confirm that we are opening a craft distillery here, along with a tasting room and event space, the last of which will double as a rehearsal and performance space for my longtime partner KT Niehoff and the greater dance community. We’re working with Capitol Hill architects Graham/Baba on the project. I’ve lived in the immediate neighborhood for nearly two decades and am excited to be taking part in the renaissance of this corner of Capitol Hill.   As I’m only using 1/2 of the building, I have about 4500 sq ft to lease out – hope fully to a restaurant/bar, bakery, or deli.

We’re told Oola is planning an early spring opening. Kallas Lewis also tells us that as he’s only using half the building, he’ll have about 4,500 square feet to lease. He’s hoping to find a restaurant/bar, bakery or deli to be part of the new space.

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One thought on “2011 look ahead: Oola Distillery plans spring debut, looking for food+drink neighbor

  1. This is wonderful news: someone is revitalizing this long overlooked building. More great reasons – a exciting new distillery with tasting room(fun!) and event space, and a rehearsal & performance space. I’m glad somone is investing in keeping artists here on the hill. Looking forward to checking it all out.