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Hill food and drink notes: No CC’s until 2011, Rosebud shares updates, Hill chef makes Ballard move

A food and drink note round-up without heaps and piles of Hill scoopage. We’ve got some goodies lined up for the New Year but making do with what’s left around the news table harkens to the origins of our weekly notes. Enjoy the stew. Got some more spice to add?

  • Blue Christmas. CC Attle’s says via mail that its move to East Olive Way is taking longer than expected and the bar doesn’t expect to be open in its new home until well into 2011. Look for a mid-February opening, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  • Over First Hill way, the Sorrento Hotel gets a new executive chef for the Hunt Club. Meet Ivan Sziliak, formerly at Bothell’s Preservation Kitchen.
  • Rosebud wasn’t thrilled with the information passed along in CHS comments last week from the restaurant’s own newsletter about a new owner. Says ‘Bud operations manager Matty McCaslin:

There ois NO NEW OWNERSHIP! Robert Sondheim is key and essential to the business. He is still very much in touch. I was brought in due to my small business (marketing and small event planning) as the new manager. We will introduce a new investor in January – but he will – in no way – dictate the direction of the menu, line up, or motivation of the establishment.


I have designed a new weekly line-up of events.  Chef Daniel Varnado is back from 4+ months in Mexico with a consistent, flavorful menu. We are seeing a strong recovery. If you doubt – come check us out!

Never a new owner – just good, solid, consistent food with a fun flair every day of the week in a comfortable atmosphere! The Rosebud is in full bloom!!

Please stop popsting/reporting it’s new management. John Busey left the biz to Robert Sondheim exclusively. The rumors are unfounded and need to end NOW! Peace!

  • Summit’s coming-soon  Analog Coffee is going to base its formula for success on, um, good coffee.
  •  Eltana opened last week with can only be described as customer enthusiasm. Seems there might have been an unserved market. For us, hey, there are now bagels on 12th Ave — but for the more critical, early returns are already being counted:

    At Eltana, I tasted a Sesame Bagel with Roasted Onions and Leeks Hummus.  The size and the texture of the bagel pleased me.  It was smaller and crustier than a New York bagel.  The taste of the Montreal bagel, however, will be an acquired one for me.  The honey and malt used in the bagel dough assert themselves.  I am not a fan of this sweetness. Full Review…

    The verdict: a close facsimile to the versions from the Mile End. While an Eltana bagel is not a complete reproduction of what the legendary St. Viateur and Fairmount churn out in Quebec, it’s still quite tasty. Not to mention a much-welcome addition to our city. Full Review…

    By the way, what do you think of their wall art?

  • Still looking for an option for a Christmas dinner out? We’ll have some last minute places to check and info on some New Year’s Eve options soon.
  • 5 Corner Market Bar & Grill opened in Ballard with a familiar Capitol Hill name heading the kitchen. Former Quinn’s and Oddfellows chef Sam Crannell is in charge up north. Not sure where this leaves the Sirs Cherry Jam project we reported on earlier this year.
  • Michael Duggan, a server at Deluxe, was seriously injured when he was struck by a car while he was riding his bike at Pike and Broadway early Saturday morning. We’ll try to keep in touch to continue updating on Duggan’s recovery.
  • In more tough news from the Hill food world, Cap Hill Cupcake Royale is collecting donations to help their store manager overcome an apartment fire last week that destroyed her home and possessions.
  • Easy Joe’s (CHS advertiser) has added brunch to its offerings on 10th Ave East on Saturdays and Sundays from 9a-2p.

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10 thoughts on “Hill food and drink notes: No CC’s until 2011, Rosebud shares updates, Hill chef makes Ballard move

  1. wow, instead of calmly explaining the situation and setting the record straight; mr. mccaslin comes off as kind of a jerk with his SHOUTING and need for things to “end NOW!”

    chill out dude. you claim to have marketing experience, use it. and, had you used it then likely these rumors would never have started.

  2. … in all fairness, who gives a shit.

    I eat there a couple of times a month, good drinks, I should care who owns the place and all the rest of the crap …. more like gossip than news.

  3. totally agree. The last paragraph of his comments were over the top and actually have me leaning towards not going there any more. Just too agressive.

  4. Who wants to take bets on how many delayed openings CC’s will have and how long before they eventually close? Cafe Metro was a library compared to CC’s. Bar + a building full of residents above you = how fucking stupid can you be? If people complained about Cafe Metro’s noise levels and cigarette smoke, it’ll be ten times worse with CC’s.

  5. Yes, as someone who saw the original newsletter, it read along the lines of (paraphrase only, from memory): “John is no longer the owner, … Matty is the manager.” No mention of Robert anywhere. Poor writing inspired gossiping, and then a frantic rant has closed the loop. As a frequent frequent Rosebud patron, I would have recommended a clearer publicity statement on Mr. Busey’s departure. On the service side of things, I couldn’t be happier with the place, this was a slip of the pen.

  6. Heh, yeah. What you said.
    In their newsletter they bid farewell to the owner and didn’t say anything about a second owner staying on so how is the reader supposed to know? It’s not like _everybody_ already knows there were two owners and one left and one stayed on. Shrug.

    Moving on…the brunch combo sounds like a good deal. I’m hoping to try it soon.

  7. It really means nothing to me about who still owns or doesn’t… I go there a few nights a week and the one oowner kept asking us who is spreading rumors about new owners. He is a bit manic about it. Guessing the manager was just “puppeting” to quiet the owner.
    The food has recovered and the brunch is a real deal. I went today and it was fantastic. We went in for a game night (tues?) before Xmas and saw the info on it. Everybody should calm down and go have a good time!