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Last Broadway farmers market of the season — new home in 2011

When the Broadway farmers market wraps up its 2010 season at 10th and Thomas this Sunday, it will also say goodbye to the Bank of America parking lot it calls home. This winter, the bank and adjoining storefronts will be demolished to make way for the 230 Broadway mixed-use project. Come 2016, the market will call the coming Nagle Plaza home as the Broadway light rail station is completed. But what about the intervening five or six years. While the paperwork is not yet complete and there are still a few logistics to sort out, the market does have a 2011 home lined up.

Seattle Central and the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance are working out a plan for the Broadway market to make its new home in the brick plaza in front of the Broadway Performance Hall and along the sidewalk of Broadway in front of the school.

NFMA’s Chris Curtis says nothing is signed yet but she can say “with all confidence” that the plan is a go. Curtis said the space will have room for all the market’s existing vendors — plus space for a few more with the expanded room of the plaza and the area of the SCCC campus along Broadway’s west sidewalk.

Looking ahead to 2016, the plan calls for the market to occupy a plaza to be developed between the coming light rail station and Cal Anderson Park. The market would fill the space on Sundays and possibly be expanded to other days of the week. Still, some question if the plaza concept couldn’t be put to a more efficient business purpose.

Meanwhile, the 2010 season wraps up Sunday from 11 to 3 in the old Bank of America lot. The Broadway market returns — in its new home — on Mother’s Day 2011.

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